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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Thursday, 01 November 2012
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RHA SA950i Portable Headphones
Closer Look: RHA SA950i Headphones
RHA SA950i Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: RHA SA950i Headphones

In this section we will take a close look at the RHA SA950i On-Ear Portable headphones and discuss the main design and features.


Upon receiving the RHA SA950i Headphones one thing was immediately apparent, they were so much smaller than I was expecting. To put it into perspective, the 600x545 pixel image above (when viewed on a 22" 1080p screen) is merely 1/5th smaller than the actual product. There is 300mm of adjustment afforded by the sliders but this might not be enough if you have a relatively large head.


The ear cups measure 57mm wide by 66mm tall and are an irregular shape, this means that there isn't much room inside the ear cups (after you allow for the 40mm drivers) for sound to resonate, resulting in a reduction in the perceived depth of the sound.


The RHA SA950i Headphones feature a soft comfortable faux leather covered headband and ear pads and the finished product is very tidy and stylish. The choice of materials used, added to the small size, result in a very light set of headphones. There is moderate clamping force and no horizontal rotational adjustment, so the comfort factor of the SA950i Headphones definitely has room for improvement. The SA950i Headphones would definitely benefit from a slight inward angle adjustment to make them feel more comfortable and also to increase the contact area on my ears, I don't feel that the ear pads are cushioned enough to compensate for this.


One of the best features of the RHA SA950i Headphones is the 1.5m detachable fabric braided cable, by now this should be a de-facto standard in all on-ear/over-ear headphones as it is relatively inexpensive to implement. The bundled cable has an inline remote and mic featuring multi-click control over call, music and volume functions on Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad devices. The inline remote also supports full call control and track selection for most Android and other smartphone platforms. Since the SA950i Headphones have a single 3.5mm port, the possibility to use a standard or higher grade aftermarket alternative to the bundled cable is immediately apparent.



# RE: RHA SA950i Portable Headphoneskzinti1 2013-02-06 11:37
I just had an idea.
It would be helpful if you could place headphones you're testing on a full-sized mannequins head and show a pic of it. That would give a nice perspective of the relative sizes of such products.
Why a mannequin rather than a real person? People vary in size. Mannequins are of standardized sizes and everyone has seen mannequins in stores. So, such an image should be relevant to a review.
Of course, we'd still need your excellent descriptions of the comfort level and quality of these items in fit, finish and operation.
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# RE: RE: RHA SA950i Portable HeadphonesOlin Coles 2013-02-06 11:41
That's not a bad suggestion, but outfitting all of our staff with mannequin heads could be costly. What if measurements were given, instead?
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# MrMalcolm Shakesheff 2013-06-14 03:55
I bought these & use them with Poweramp on my Sony Experia J. The result is fantastic over a wide range of different types of music from Mozart to White Stripes.Plenty of noise,even though I am bound to be a bit deaf after
60 years of ear bashing. For some one who dreamed of owning a Ferrograph reel to reel in my teenage years this is a miracle combination of wonderful sound unimaginable back then,2nd half of the 1950's.Ok they could be more comfortable but at 50 an excellent buy.

Retired in Brittany, france
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