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Written by Akim Green   
Monday, 22 October 2012
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Use PlayStation3 Gamepad with PC Games
Closer Look: DUALSHOCK 3
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: DUALSHOCK 3

The PS3 controller has a solid, ergonomic design. It is not as rigid and caveman-like as the NES gamepad, but not as comfortable as the Xbox 360 controller.


The controller has 4 pressure sensitive action buttons which only require light presses to register actions. It's a button-masher's delight.


The DUALSHOCk 3's sixaxis technology is truly amazing. It recognizes back, forward, left and right tilt of the controller and remains precise through haptic feedback, even when the controller is vibrating or the player is moving.


Unlike the F710 and other popular gamepads, The DUALSHOCK 3 does not sport rubber panels. However, this is not a major issue because rounded and curved handles provide sufficient grip even for the longest gaming sessions.


Sony's PS3 controller has both analog sticks directly beside each other unlike its Microsoft counterpart. The heads of the sticks are bulged, despite the popular depressed design. Some may not like this feature, but I find no difficulty in using them.


The controller features 4 indicator lights to show which user is player one, two, three or four. When the number of players exceed four, numbers whose sum represent the player number are illuminated; for example, lights one and four together indicate player five. The software used in this article supports a maximum of 4 players and allows the indicator lights to be customized. The lights can also be used to display the controller's remaining battery life.



# Great and insightful Review for gamer at any levelRobN 2012-10-22 22:02
I recently borrowed my brother's ps3 controller to test out how well it works in DiRT 3. It's amazing. I personally hate the xbox controller since prior to my pc i have been a playstation gamer. I feel right at home. DS3 tool ftw.
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# Good review but you missed some important stuff.Mordecones 2012-11-30 10:25
Hi! Been using the DS3 tool with my PS3 controllers for a couple years now and I thought I'd chime in on a couple inaccuracies/omissions in this review:

1.Internet Connection *is not* required for DS3 tool, you simply have to run the program in "local mode", via a tiny download available here:
Extract the archive into your motioninjoy install folder and then click local (at the top) after you load the program. Archive verified clean here:

2. You stated that both controllers would cost the same for the intent of using on the PC. This is incorrect. The xbox360 controller requires a special wireless adapter to work with windows, and cannot connect via a USB cable as it does not transmit data, it only charges. You would need a wired 360 controller or the aforementioned wireless adapter. Either way, the PS3 controller is a clear winner here, using common bluetooth *and* being connectable over the USB cable alone.

3.You stated that the PS3 controller has the same number of buttons as the x360 controller. This is only true in 360 mode. If you run the controller in PS2/PS3 mode you can use the PS button in the middle as an additional button as well. There are plenty of titles that will work perfectly fine in PS2/PS3 mode in the drivers, including every emulator under the sun. Keep in mind you do not want to bind this button to an in game command that requires you to hold down the button for extended periods of time, as this will disconnect your controller!

Thanks for spreading the DS3 love! Great controller and great drivers!
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# lol one last thingMordecones 2012-11-30 10:46
The local mode files go into the MotioninJoy\ds3\ folder, not the base motioninjoy folder. Sorry for the commentspam!
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