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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Friday, 19 October 2012
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RHA CA-200 Black Noise Isolating Headphones
Closer Look: RHA CA-200
RHA CA-200 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

RHA CA-200 Detailed Features

In this section we will take a closer look at the RHA CA-200 Headphones and discuss its more detailed features


The cans and headband have a foam padding covered with a faux leather finish to aid in comfort for extended use. Gone are the days of the 5mm wide bare metal headband of early walkman style stereo headphones, they were very lightweight but uncomfortable and quite dangerous by today's standards.


On the inside right of the headband is a little sticker that indicates which color mono jack to plug into the bottom of the right can, this can also be used to for correct orientation when putting on the headphones.


Looking closer at the CA-200's you can see an embossed 'R' to identify the right ear cup to ensure you plug in the correct mono jack from the split stereo cable. Needless to say the left ear cup features an embossed 'L' for the same purpose.


The 3.5mm stereo cable splits into two mono 3.5mm jacks which connect into the bottom of the cans, the mono jacks are color coded black for left and red for right. The cable has a very nice fabric braid that can be better seen in the image below. The 3.5mm jacks are also gold plated to give better signal transmission.


A nice close up of the cable shows a very tight braid that gives the cable a premium feel and reduces the likelihood of the cable becoming tangled during normal use.


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