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Written by Ami Young   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012
Table of Contents: Page Index
CM Storm Recon Mouse and Skorpion
Closer Look: CM Storm Recon and Skorpion
CM Storm Recon and Skorpion Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts

The Recon and Skorpion are both good products from CM Storm and I thoroughly enjoyed trying them out. For me, I had a few too many things I was looking for from this mouse that I just didn't find. I would have liked those extra side buttons to be picked up by games/windows as something separate rather than cloned thumb-side buttons, but I did find a work around for that. Skorpion just didn't work for me, I'm too used to my mouse cord dangling, although it did do its job excellently. I found I had to fiddle with the LEDs to get some of the blended colors I wanted, but that's just fun for me. The sensitivity is excellent, although the buttons are just a touch too sensitive in my opinion.

CM Storm Recon Conclusion

In this section, I will write a brief summary on the Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality and Value. These are my personal views, which allow me to give the CM Storm Recon and Skorpion a rating out of 10. A high score does not necessarily mean that it is better than a similar product, nor does a low score mean that it is worse. I would urge you to do your research, read this review, if you haven't already, and make a decision based on that.

Performance-wise the Recon and Skorpion do well, although I would have liked some more button customization options from the Recon, and some stiffer mouse buttons. Recon is a fast mouse, although not so sensitive as to be too fast for your average gamer.

The Cooler Master Storm Recon mouse and Skorpion both offer a flat-black tactical sort of look to them. It's a nice change from the glossy mice you usually see, and the finish on both seem very durable. The Skorpion definitely has a unique design, but it just looks cool.

Both products are constructed well, and feel like they would stand up to the rigors of your average gamer. I did feel that they could have put a nylon sheathing around the mouse cord, but ultimately that boils down to personal preference.

Here's the sticky part. Functionality. For your FPS gamer, this mouse would do wonderfully. I found in an MMORPG setting, where I am used to mouse-binding 17+ spells, having to spend time to figure out how to get my mouse to be picked up by my game, and losing one of the more attractive features in the process seemed like a missing link. The mouse functioned as a mouse well, it just didn't have what I was looking for. The Skorpion again, functioned at its job well, it just wasn't for me.

The value out of both of these products is exceptional. Recon retails for $39.99 (Amazon) and Skorpion retails for $19.99 (Amazon). This is a very low price for a gaming mouse/accessory, and kudos to CM Storm for making a budget-priced gaming mouse.

Pros:Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award

+ 4000 DPI Sensor
+ Ambidextrous Body
+ On-The-Fly DPI Switching
+ Teflon Feet


- Not customizable enough buttons
- Buttons a little bit too sensitive
- Skorpion seems like a niche product


  • Performance: 9.5
  • Appearance: 9.0
  • Construction: 9.0
  • Functionality: 7.5
  • Value: 9.5

Final Score: 8.9 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.

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