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Written by Hank Tolman   
Thursday, 25 October 2012
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Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 AMD FM2 Motherboard
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The Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 comes equipped with Gigabyte's 3D BIOS. What they really mean is 3D UEFI, but I guess no one is going away from using the term BIOS, even though it doesn't really fit anymore. The reason Gigabyte's UEFI is called 3D is because you use it either 3D mode or Advanced mode.


The 3D mode is very basic, offering up a 3D rendered motherboard that highlights the areas of the board as you mouse over it. Clicking on any of those areas takes you to the settings screen related to that component. You can choose the CPU, the RAM, the PCI slots, the I/O, or the SATA ports.


Advanced mode is more what I'm used to dealing with, but I can see how 3D mode would be user friendly for someone not familiar with a BIOS or UEFI. The first screen in the advanced mode is M.I.T., which is Gigabyte's tuning technology. I'm still not sure what it stands for. The M.I.T. main screen gives a few options for advanced settings and it also shows the current version of the UEFI, the frequencies, voltages, and the CPU temperature.


The first sub-screen under M.I.T. is the current status screen. The status screen doesn't allow you to make any adjustments, but it shows you everything that's going on under the hood with the CPU and memory.


The next sub-screen is the advanced frequency screen. I want to show you this screen as it is where you would go to start overclocking the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4. This screen will allow you to adjust the BCLK. This is the only thing you would be able to overclock of your APU is not a black edition processor. Keep in mind that the BCLK is linked to the PCIe clock, so you won't be able to tune it extremely high. The BCLK runs standard at 100MHz. Below that you have the ability to adjust the CPU clock ratio if you have a black edition APU. You can adjust A.M.P, AMD Memory Profiles in this screen as well.


Moving on to the next area of the UEFI, we come to the System tab. This tab gives you model of the motherboard and the BIOS version, date, and ID. You can change the system language here, the date and time, and you can go into a sub-screen with the ATA port information.


The next tab is the BIOS features tab. This is your boot menu. You can choose your boot priorities here. One thing I don't like about recent UEFIs I have worked with is that they only list one of each different type of devices on the principle screen for booting. If I had a USB device plugged in, that would show up as option #3. However, things would get difficult if I had two hard drives plugged in. Clicking on Boot Option #1 doesn't let me choose which one I want, though. I have to go into Hard Drive BBS Priorities and select which hard drive I want to populate the Boot Options menu.


Peripherals is the next tab up in the UEFI for the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4. This menu lets you enable or disable the onboard devices. You can also set your SATA mode here.


The Power Management tab comes next. Here you can set a wake-up timer for your computer. If you want to make sure you are on and ready for super Tuesday updates every week, you can set it to come on then. You can also set up a Power On By Keyboard or Mouse ability.


The final screen is, of course, the save and exit screen. Luckily for me, since I'm not a fan of the boot options, I can override the boot priorities in this menu. You can also save UEFI profiles here for different levels of overclock and other settings.



# Giga not with the times?Dave 2012-10-25 10:23
They still have ati crossfire branding on a newly released motherboard?? ATI branding has not been used in a long time.... hahaha
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