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Written by Joseph Dionisio   
Thursday, 02 August 2012
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G-Cube iHL-500BK Luxury Headset
Closer Look: G-CUBE Luxy 500
Features and Specifications
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G-CUBE Audio Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset

Manufacturer: G-CUBE
Product Name: Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset
Model Number: iHL-500BK
UPC: 878577007049
Price As Tested: $89.99 (Amazon / Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by G-CUBE.

In the world of computer audio, G-CUBE is not one of those names that comes up often. There's a valid reason for this: The company is still at the stage where it is trying to establish a place for itself amongst the crowd of contenders in this hotly-contested arena. Their new Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset (model number iHL-500BK) is the company's latest entry into the market of sub-$100.00 headsets.

The company's G-CUBE Audio line only came to being in 2010, a scant two years after the parent company itself started. G-CUBE themselves say that they exist to "(blend) fashion with technology." The Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset represents the ultimate expression of that stated raison d'etre. With its retro-inspired styling, hand-stitched leather on the soft ear pads and headband, and the "sport luxury" leatherette finish applied to the outsides of the ear cups, the Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset certainly looks very fashionable; moreover, its 40mm speakers, integrated microphone pickup, circumaural design, and astounding versatility speak to its capabilities as a hi-fidelity headset.


Benchmark Reviews will be testing and evaluating the G-CUBE Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset for its performance as stereo headphones for listening to music on both the PC and a portable music player such as the iPod. Additionally, we will also test its performance as a stereo headset with a modern cellphone as well as chat programs such as Skype. We will also be assessing its ergonomics and styling. Finally, we will give an opinion of just how well the Luxy 500 Dynamic HiFi Headset fits at its price point of $89.99 (Amazon/Newegg).


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