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X58 vs. P55 Quick Memory Comparison E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

X58 vs. P55 Quick Memory Comparison

Some may have noticed that P55 (Lynnfield) systems seem to overclock memory "better" than X58. I did. Most notably, memory that would barely run 1100 MHz on X58 for me was magically running over 1300 MHz on P55 after some tweaking. If all other things are equal, that would be amazing, so we'll take a very quick peek at how memory performs on both platforms.

One of the first things to note is that on X58, the Uncore multiplier is linked to the memory ratio. Uncore must be 2x DRAM ratio or likely the board won't POST. More Uncore is normally a good thing, but the higher the Uncore is to start, the faster you reach the limit. For me, that limit is about 4400 MHz max on ambient cooling and even slightly lower when using high BCLK and/or really tight memory timings.

To illustrate this, in the images below, note that the Uncore multi is 4x (2x and doubled) the "RAM" multi. I've come across one or two BIOS's for this board that will let it boot with ((4x memory multi)-1), but nothing that will let it run 18x Uncore with 2:10 or 2:12 ratios like the P55 does.


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