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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Wednesday, 16 May 2012
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HIS HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB Video Card
Closer Look: HIS Radeon HD7850
HIS IceQ Turbo Detailed Features
Features and Specifications
VGA Testing Methodology
DX10: 3DMark Vantage
DX10: Street Fighter IV
DX11: Aliens vs Predator
DX11: Battlefield Bad Company 2
DX11: BattleField 3
DX11: Lost Planet 2
DX11: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2
DX11: Metro 2033
DX11: Unigine Heaven 2.1
HIS HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
HIS HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X Overclocking
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

HIS Radeon HD 7850 IceQ X Turbo X Video Card

Manufacturer: Hightech Information System Limited
Product Name: HIS 7850 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Model Number: H785QNX2G2M
Price As Tested: $299 MSRP

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by HIS.

Many are still waiting for NVIDIA to release the rest of their 28nm line-up, and AMD have already shown their full hand. The question is; do you buy now or wait to see if you can get a better deal? Waiting is a vicious cycle and something better will always come out after you make your choice no matter how long you hold out. Just don't wait too long to make your choice, there are plenty of video cards to choose from right now without speculating about what doesn't yet exist.

In this article we take a look at the HIS Radeon HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB 'GHz Edition' video card armed with AMD's Pitcairn 28nm GPU Core. This is the fastest HD7850 that HIS produce and we intend to overclock it even more to see how much faster it will run. Benchmark Reviews aims to provide you with an unbiased review of the HIS Radeon HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB video card and report back our findings, keeping you informed on the latest technologies available on the market today.


For this review we have a comparative range of video cards in our usual mixture of DX10 / DX11 synthetic benchmarks and current games to get a good idea where it fits in performance and price wise. We also intend to overclock the HIS HD7850 IceQ X Turbo X to its limits and see if the 'IceQ X Cooler' really has what it takes to cool the GPU and other components effectively, so without further delay let's move on and get stuck in.



# Settings are unclearcatleap 2013-02-17 11:56
The text above the benchmark results says "Extreme Settings: (High Quality, Normal Tessellation, 16x AF, 4x AA)".

However the actual benchmark image states you are using 8xAA. So which AA setting are you using for these tests?

Also, why did you do a cost analysis for 1680x1050 and not 1080p?
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