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VTech LS6245 Cordless Phone with Bluetooth E-mail
Written by TestFreaks   
Saturday, 19 December 2009

VTech LS6245 Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Review

Today for review I've got the first actual phone I've reviewed in my time doing this. Sure I've reviewed several cell phones, but never an actual phone for a landline. This one is from VTech, and it doesn't have any fancy name just LS6425. It's a cordless DECT phone, meaning that it's secure, has great sound quality and good range. It's also an answering machine and you can store up to 100 numbers as well. What makes this phone really special though is the addition of Bluetooth built into it. The Bluetooth wireless allows you to not only use a standard BT headset with but you can actually connect your cell phone to make and receive calls through it. In my time with the VTech LS6245 I've found it to be an excellent phone overall, it's very stylish looking, it's easy to use and it works perfectly as it claims. So read on to learn more... TestFreaks


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