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Guide: Troubleshooting Standby E-mail
Written by MissingRemote   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Guide: Troubleshooting Standby

Proper standby support is an essential part of the HTPC experience, something that can help transform the "PC" experience into one much closer to "CE". While it's not great when the HTPC in the living room wakes up for "no reason", when the one in the bedroom does it in the middle of the night - it can be a serious SAF problem.

If you haven't already read the MissingRemote guides "Configuring Standby on your HTPC " and "Keeping your HTPC Awake " this guide picks up where those left off. Some information will be repeated for completeness, but a basic knowledge of the topic will be assumed.

As noted briefly in the previous guide, the system utility powercfg is a great place to start when the PC wakes up and you don't know why. So when you find your PC running when it shouldn't be, open up a command prompt (type "cmd" in the start menu) and type in "powercfg /lastwake" (note that while I ran the window as an administrator, /lastwake does not require administrative privileges).

In this case it's easy to identify the culprit as a scheduled task named "mcupdate_scheduled", but when a device wakes the PC the result will be slightly different. Scheduled tasks are very easy to fix by opening up the Task Scheduler (type "Task Scheduler" from the start menu) and browsing to the location listed in the result (in this case "Microsoft\Windows\Media Center"). MissingRemote


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