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Written by Joey Peng   
Monday, 09 April 2012
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Corsair Vengeance M60 Laser Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Corsair M60
Corsair M60 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Corsair Vengeance M60 Detailed Features

This section we'll take a closer look at the details of the Corsair Vengeance M60.

The biggest FPS feature going for the M60 is its dedicated snipe button. What they really mean by "sniper button" is a button that can instantly toggle DPI to a much lower setting to set up for aiming and micro adjustments. This could be used in applications like photoshop when making fine adjustments. The true advantage is how easily accessible it is during game.


While not widely advertised, the M60 also has adjustable weights, elegantly placed within compartments at the bottom of the mouse. For easy access a screwdriver is needed although technically you could pry it open with nails. They add some level adjustment but won't be a huge impact like some mice since the metallic shell still has its weight.


The driver available for download at the time of this review was version 2.12 beta. That being said, there are definitely major improvements that can be made in terms of software. At least Corsair has the UI down for the M60 driver.


The first major drawback is that the auxiliary keys are not truly programmable (yet). There's a set of predefined functions related to DPI, multimedia, and general click functions. However the function assignment process is very odd. Even worse, they let you customize the left and right mouse buttons. Because of the confusing UI I accidentally set my left click as something else and could not revert until I plugged in a different mouse.


Under "Manage Performance" you'll find all the common controls, including DPI, polling rate, and lift-height management. One of the more fun tools to play with is the surface quality test. Somehow it was very difficult to get highest quality as even my Steelseries mousepad only generated 4/5 bars.


The mouse also lets you manage different profiles, though given that macro buttons pretty much don't exist, I feel this functionality is more for show. How many people are out there that really use different DPI settings per game?


The Vengeance M60 is a great piece of hardware. However on the software support side it's a little lacking. One could argue that for FPS, macro buttons are not necessary, which is generally true, however it would've been nice to still have that functionality in a $69.99 mouse.



# Corsair mice are OKMergatroid 2012-04-11 15:28
Just wanted to point out that a lot of mice are coming with the "sniper button" now. The first I saw was the RAT line of mice.

The Corsair M90 also has this feature, but it can be programmed into any of the thumb buttons.

Corsair's mouse hardware is quite good. They really know how to make great hardware. However, I agree that their weak spot is actually their software. When I first got the Corsair M90 (MMO mouse)I couldn't get the thumb buttons working at all (and I wasn't alone). It wasn't until about a month later that they released a new software version and an actual manual. The mouse comes with neither, and early adapters were mostly left to guess how the mouse was supposed to work.

Their new software finally works properly, and the instructions available from their website are actually pretty good. The M60 doesn't have many buttons to worry about, but the M90 has lots of buttons, and you have to basically do a little dance to get them working. A visit to the Corsair forums, reading the top post in the mouse forum, should get you up and running.

Personally I find it inexcusable for a company, especially a company like Corsair who is trying to convince people that they make superior products, to not include software and a manual (paper or file) in their packaging.

In my opinion, it being the 21st century and all, it's time to include some flash RAM in the devices that contains the drivers and software so, when plugged in, the mouse automatically installs the driver and software. We're talking expensive mice here (anything over $50). I don't see why, at those prices (and more) they cannot include such a simple feature. Of course, it helps if the software actually works out-of-the-box.
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# That's a sexy mousereeltape 2012-04-15 17:33
Gotta love this mouse wow. I am not a fan of buying things on how they look when it comes to my computer (use a Corsair 550d case now and you can't see anything inside) but I have to say, that this mouse is worth buying on looks'll definitely look better than my Intel track ball :p (well, that dirty white trash look is kinda hot too)
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# I think i prefer Razers cyborg r.a.t 7Jessica 2012-09-29 13:24
This is a really beautiful mouse but there is something about the cyborg that i like so much more. Maybe its the ability to customize almost everything on it? not sure. Thanks for the read though :)
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# OppsMergatroid 2012-09-29 15:31
Oops. The Cyborg RAT mice (I have the RAT 9) are not made by Razer. They're made by Cyborg/Mad Catz.
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