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Written by Yaniv Perry & Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 21 August 2007
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The Most Anticipated Video Games of Winter 2007
World in Conflict
Medal Of Honor: Airborne
Unreal Tournament 3
Assassins Creed

Assassin's Creed

By: EA Games, Ubisoft
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: November 2007
Web Site:

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's creed is one of the games I personally wait for in particular. It is the unofficial successor of the amazing Prince of Persia series blended with some Hitman elements, and that is more than enough to make it something very interesting for us to check out. Ubisoft is known for its innovative and fascinating action adventure games and I am positive this one will be no exception.

Assassin's Creed is set in 1191 AD, during the Third Crusade. The Holy Land is being desecrated and you are Altaïr, a mysterious assassin, trying to stop the madness and bring back the balance to the area. In order to do that, you will assassinate men said to be exacerbating and exploiting the hostilities created by the Third Crusade. Altaïr failed the previous task assigned to him by the Assassin Order and was demoted to the lowest rank available (Uninitiated). Stabilizing the situation in the holy land will help him redeem himself. As you go deeper into the story, you will reveal the true goals of your targets, profit is not what they are after...

Assassin's Creed

The creators of the game indicate that a huge effort was put in to make Assassin's Creed as historically accurate as possible. The locations in the game are distinctive models of the cities and Altaïr's targets are also historic leaders who died or disappeared during the Third Crusade.

The game play, according to what Ubisoft promises, looks truly amazing. In the start of every assassination, you will have to examine the environment and plan your moves accurately and thoughtfully. You will have to find a way to sneak up and assassinate your target as well as plan a route for your safe escape. Sneaking here is not what we are used to, meaning you won't use shadows to hide and advance. Instead, Ubisoft presents a new approach they call - Social Stealth. You will have to find your way to disappear into a crowd and sneak undetected for the kill. Your behavior while walking in a crowd will affect the way people will react. If you push someone, they will push back, drawing nearby guards' attention. Climbing a wall will draw people around, looking at your maneuvers and revealing your presence. This is a very different and refreshing approach to sneaking in games, don't you think?

Assassin's Creed

Besides blending in crowds, the developers promise that everything in the game world can be used and will be interactive. I remember playing other action adventure games (I love the genre) and wondering to myself, "Why can't I climb that pipe" or "Why can't I move that garbage can". When you play Assassin's Creed, those questions will not bother you whatsoever. Altaïr will be able to grab, climb and interact with anything in his surroundings, which means exploring an area will be a whole new experience.

Controlling Altaïr is also innovative and interesting. Unlike traditional control scheme, controlling our assassin is intuitive. Each body part will have a corresponding button and pressing one of these will execute an action according to the current situation and position of your character. For instance, when approaching a wall, pressing the "legs" button will make Altaïr climb it while pressing "arms without weapons" button will make him take cover and hide behind it.

Assassin's Creed

What is an assassin without some deadly weapons hidden beneath his robe? Altaïr carries common weapons such as a knife, a sword and a small crossbow, but the really cool thing is his deadly dagger. The dagger is concealed under his arm and works with a mechanism that makes it stand out when he closes his fingers, creating a fist with a sharp and deadly blade at its end. All that's left is to stab the enemy quietly and leave the place unnoticed. Weapons will also be customizable and you will probably be able to upgrade them.

Assassin's Creed looks like the kind of game I, for one, won't be able to stop playing until I exhaust every single aspect of it. It brings a new approach and I feel it is going to be a blast. Look for it on the shelves on November...

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