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Written by Yaniv Perry & Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 21 August 2007
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The Most Anticipated Video Games of Winter 2007
World in Conflict
Medal Of Honor: Airborne
Unreal Tournament 3
Assassins Creed


By: EA Games, Crytek
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release Date: November 16 2007
Web Site:


Crysis is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2007, if not THE most anticipated one. Everybody's talking about how great it will look with Crytek's new engine cryENGINE2 (the successor to Far Cry's engine). If you take a small peek on a game play movie or some screenshots, you'll instantly see what I am talking about, it really looks spectacular. The game's graphics are just absolutely stunning. I found it hard to take my eyes off the screenshots while I write these lines - I mean it.... Having said that, I strongly believe it will be much more than a pretty face.


Crysis is set in the near future - 2019. A group of US archaeologists is sent to the South China Sea in order to investigate a crash site of a mysterious ancient asteroid. Korean teams are there as well for the same purpose and the local government decides to take the US team captive. It is then decided by the US government to send off-the-record help and that's where you come into the picture. You are a united stated Delta Force soldier called, Jake Dunn. The game is planned to be set across three acts and each will display a completely different uniquely designed environment.

  • Act 1: You'll land onto the beautiful exotic island, filled with vegetation, wild animals, rivers and jungles. You will engage the North Korean soldiers and battle your way in the jungle in order to get to the meteor's crash site. There, you'll investigate the area and try to find clues about the location of the archaeologists.
  • Act 2: The meteor starts to show signs of some strange activity, opens up and flash freezes the entire island. It seems that a special and powerful alien's forces invaded the peaceful place and they are planning to stick around. The alien forces overwhelm the Koreans and the situation becomes dangerous to the whole world. Chinese, North Koreans and US forces are forming an allied attack against the creatures.
  • Act 3 will take place on the alien aircraft. You will have to fight the alien forces at their home and Zero-G will probably make it much harder and interesting. The alien's animations are said to be the best ever seen in computer gaming, so I guess we can expect some thrilling moments onboard. Crytek has stated the aliens themselves will not be revealed until the end of the game, giving them a certain degree of suspense.

Game play seems interesting, dynamic and innovative. Your enemies will constantly change (Soldiers, animals, aliens), which will force you to adapt in order to survive. Each enemy will have different abilities and you will have to use various tactics to overcome each type of enemy. You will even have to face environmental obstacles and difficulties such as zero-gravity environments. A special high-tech nano-suit will allow you to enhance your abilities in real time on the battlefield. Using this suit will enable you to enhance your speed, strength, armor and cloaking abilities to approach situations in creative tactical ways. In addition, all your weapons are customizable.

You will have a huge arsenal of different weapons to match your game play style. Some weapons are common while others are unique to the game and are considered experimental weapons (TAC launcher) or alien technology based weapons. The people in Crytek invested a lot in the AI of the game, making enemies and wild animals realistic and unpredictable. Crytek encourage the player to be creative and plan his attacks carefully in order to get rid of his enemies efficiently. As with Far Cry, Crysis will be an open-ended game with many ways to meet objectives. Choose your path to complete a task or create one by destroying obstacles - everything is possible. You can also use any means of transportation you can find around, including vehicles, boats and so on.


Once you saved the world from this dangerous threat, you can always go online for a good multiplayer match. Crysis will support up to 32 players with real-time armor and weapons customization, just like the single player offered. You can choose between several online modes.


Instant Action is the classical deathmatch we all know and Team Action is exactly like Team DeathMatch from other FPS games. The interesting mode here is the Power Struggle, which is a capture the flag type of game with some innovations brought from Crysis. It is a strategic objective-based experience that combines economy and vehicle warfare, alien technology and ranking.

Crysis sure looks like a wonderful game that will take the FPS genre a few steps forward. Not only visually, but also in the game play aspect. All we need to do now is - wait...

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