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Guide: Installing Mythdora 10.21 E-mail
Written by MissingRemote   
Monday, 09 November 2009

Guide: Installing Mythdora 10.21

There seems to be a misconception among HTPC users that Mythtv is scary to use because you need to run Linux and Mythtv needs a little configuration in many cases to get what you want out of it. Well, hopefully this guide will illustrate exactly how easy it is to get Mythtv onto a system. In addition, a follow-on guide will go through all of the configuration steps once Mythtv is loaded and another will show exactly how powerful Mythtv is because of its configurability. This guide is not intended to be comprehensive should be enough to get just about anyone started. Nearly every screen that you will run into should be illustrated here so there should be nothing that you haven't already seen when you go through the installation process yourself. MissingRemote

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