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Written by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 13 September 2007
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Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000 Computer Case
Closer Look: Cosmos Exterior
RC-1000 Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Cosmos Interior
RC-1000 Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion
RC-1000-KSN1-GP Conclusion

Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000

In the past year of operating my business I have had my hands on no less than fifty different computer cases, all designed and marketed for the hardware enthusiast and gamer. Even here at Benchmark Reviews, which is just now turning half a year old, we already have articles on over a dozen such products ranging from HTPC enclosures to extremely simple cases. After working with so many different varieties and designs I have started to quickly categorize these products into different classes the moment I see them, which allows me to easily determine which computer case might appeal to a certain demographic.

Computer enthusiasts are a lot like automobile owners: we all want something different than everyone else while expressing ourselves at the same time. With so many options to choose from, both in the auto industry and the computer industry, it isn't very difficult to find your taste. Just last week I reviewed the , which could easily share relation to the exotic sports cars we can't afford. It was a very nice case, to be sure, but at the end of the day a sports car only has one purpose. In this article we take the Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000 Full-Tower ATX Computer Case RC-1000-KSN1-GP for a test drive, and right away I can tell this will be the Range Rover of computer cases.

Cooler Master Cosmos Midtower ATX Case RC-1000

Cooler Master is very well known for their extensive line of performance computer cooling components. Almost everyone who has been a part of the computer industry can remember their original line of CPU heatsinks; even I still have a (very old) socket 7 CPU cooler in inventory with their label on it. Certainly one thing is clear: times have changed.

It wasn't until the last few years that this company began producing components outside of their initial focus. From cases and coolers, to power supplies and hard drive enclosures. It seems almost necessary then that Cooler Master design the ultimate computer chassis which combines their collective skill set, and these creative minds built the Cosmos (RC-1000).

Cooler Master Cosmos Midtower ATX Case RC-1000

In 2007, Cooler Master created COSMOS, a serene spirit within a luxurious, high-performance body. Each line of COSMOS is born with elegant heritage originated from devotion to prudence and innovation. It is captivating to know such power is enclosed behind the silence.

About the company: Cooler Master

Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry’s best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved.

In pursuing this mission, Cooler Master is absolutely committed to delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers that they can truly depend on. It aims to be the first and foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking thermal solutions, and seeks to build such a reputation through outstanding technology, sophisticated design, and superior service.

Cooler Master’s current business encompasses a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Its products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.

A critical component of Cooler Master’s ability to successfully pursue its mission is an unstinting commitment to quality, as demonstrated by the ISO 9001 certification granted to its main manufacturing plant in Taiwan. It has also enforced ISO guidelines and is in the process of applying for ISO 9002 certification at its second and third plants, located in China. Cooler Master has also implemented a number of analytical and testing protocols to ensure top quality, including at subcontractors, to further ensure thorough quality control. Moreover, Cooler Master’s dedication to quality extends beyond manufacturing to every aspect of its operation, including service.

As a company, Cooler Master is an organization that is finely tuned to the demands of providing innovative solutions that meet customer needs as rapidly as possible. Rather than adopt a traditional corporate structure and then try to retrofit operations to suit such a preexisting structure, Cooler Master’s is a company built around the nature of its operations, providing maximum efficiency and strict workflow control. Focused on meeting customer requirements flexibly and efficiently, Cooler Master’s workflows commence with careful surveys to understand these requirements, and then proceed to R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, as part of a comprehensive and tightly integrated workflow.

Throughout the design process, Cooler Master maintains robust communications channels with customers, taking advantage of online systems as well, to keep customers informed about the status of projects and allowing Cooler Master engineers to understand customer concerns as they evolve. Moreover, Cooler Master engineers make extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis software tools to model heat absorption and dissipation characteristics of in-progress designs to ensure that final products completely satisfy customer specifications.

Cooler Master Cosmos Midtower ATX Case RC-1000

Cosmos Features

  • Superior Silent Environment:
    • Soundproof materials applied to build a quiet environment
    • Sound barrier design reduces vibration for silent operation
  • Thermal Solution:
    • Dual bottom air intakes to enhance air flow and reduce system noise
    • Six aluminum detachable HDD modules with ventilation holes for optimizing cooling performance
    • Side removable VGA cooling tunnel to advance thermal airflow.
  • Tool-free User-friendliness:
    • Patented finger pressing buttons for quickly maintaining or upgrading 5.25” drive devices
    • Tool-free design for opening side panel conveniently.
  • Cable Management:
    • Separate HDD modules make it easy to organize cable direction
    • Cable management system for better cable routing and neatness

RC-1000 Specifications

  • Available Color/Chassis Appearance: Silver
  • Bezel: Black
  • Dimension (W / H / D): (W) 266 x (H) 598 x (D)628 mm
  • Weight Net Weight: 16.9 kg
  • Gross Weight: 18.9 kg
  • Material Chassis: Steel
  • Appearance: Aluminum
  • Motherboard Support:
    • Extended ATX
    • ATX
  • 5.25" Drive Bays: 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch drive bay)
  • 3.5" Drive Bays: 6 ( Hidden ) ; 1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch drive bay)
  • I/O Panel:
    • USB 2.0 x 4
    • IEEE 1394 x 1
    • Audio x 1
    • SPK x 1
    • eSATA x 1
  • Cooling System:
    • Bottom fan (intake) 120x120x25 mm x 1, 1200 rpm, 17 dBA
    • Top fan (exhaust) 120x120x25 mm fan x 2, 1200 rpm, 17 dBA
    • Rear fan (exhaust) 120x120x25 mm x 1
    • HDD fan 120x120x25 mm x 1 (optional)
    • VGA Wind
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Power Supply PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
  • Other: Exclusive Carrying Box


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