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Written by Austin Downing   
Sunday, 04 December 2011
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SteelSeries Desmo Digital Eyewear
Closer Look: SteelSeries DESMO
SteelSeries DESMO Testing
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: SteelSeries DESMO

Since the SteelSeries DESMO are designed to be worn during both work and play, it is conceivable that users will be wearing their DESMO in the view of the public. This means that SteelSeries needs to design a product that not only helps reduced eyestrain but that will also be fashionable enough to be worn in public.


The SteelSeries DESMO with its combination of tint and design mean that they could be home on Bono's face. For some like myself they may not mind this (I listen to U2 frequently when working), but for others this may be a turn off. The large area that the polymer lenses cover though do help create a nice uniform warm shift in the color spectrum and helps hold moisture near the wearers eyes through the ocular "cap" effect that they create.


From the right the curvature of the DESMO's lenses becomes apparent. This curvature is key to helping with the "microclimate" design which helps prevents the wearer's eyes from drying out.


On each side of the DESMO is the minimal frame that supports the lenses, the space frame design keeps the DESMO frame nice and light while at the same time giving them the strength needed to properly hold the rather large lenses on the wearers face. The orange plastic covers used also ensure that the DESMO is comfortable even when worn for long periods. In addition, it is possible to wear over the ear headphones on top of the DESMO without it causing discomfort.


From the rear the large nose pads are apparent. These pads help keep the DESMO comfortable on a user's face even after being worn during an eight hour work day or a two hour gaming session.



# Too ExpensiveSun Down 2011-12-04 18:33
It's a niche product alright. Unless this gets below the $50 range, I might consider it. But seriously, it reeks of marketing on this one. Seriously SteelSeries?! It sounds like another of those bull# ''gaming'' headsets that tries to differentiate from the headsets of veterans like Sennheiser and Audio Technica. Now it's optics. Wow. I'm not saying it's a bad product, but it's an upstart. An annoying one that is. SteelSeries has a lot to prove on this one.
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# RE: Too ExpensiveAustin Downing 2011-12-04 22:19
But this isn't just a SteelSeries product. It is a product of Gunnar sold by SteelSeries. That means that it isn't just a upstart company, but a company of three years that created a product that no one else had. And maybe it isn't important to you but my eyes are incredibly important to me, and doing my part to protect now before I do damage to them is worth the investment.
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# RE: SteelSeries Desmo Digital EyewearSun Down 2011-12-06 02:14
Alright I take my words back. Had a chance to use it for a day from a friend. From general use, to gaming and walking in the sunlight, it really did helped. Althought $99 isn't something I would want to invest in, compared to the others, it's really a great deal.
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# Maybe For $70.00...Epidemic 2011-12-07 01:18
Gunnars non steel series version of these same glasses are only 71.00 your essentialy paying 30 bux more for the steel series name, def not worth it. I think glasses like this are going to be used more and more in the future cause it only makes sense. I have frequent migraines myself and just had a really bad case of eye strain like a week ago where my eyes dried out and felt like they were burning! If this can help these types of conditions at all, then at 70.00 I would consider them but at 100.00 no way.
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# RE: Maybe For $70.00...Olin Coles 2011-12-07 08:32
Good post. I presume that if SteelSeries can position their product in major outlet stores, it would have the same price. Unfortunately, I don't see Gunnar Optiks allowing that.
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# RE: RE: Maybe For $70.00...Austin Downing 2011-12-07 09:25
I can agree with Olin completely. But since Gunnar now sells its products at many of the Best Buy locations I doubt they want SteelSeries competing with them on the same products.
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# SteelSeries vs. Gunnar Optikskzinti1 2011-12-07 01:55
Just a rewrite of your Friday, 28 January 2011 review of Gunnar Optiks digital eyewear.
Gunnar also has a grey tinted pair of glasses for 3D viewing at their site and a much wider selection altogether.
Glasses that help hold moisture around the eyes also keeps sweat from dissipating. Not the least bit good for gaming where the action often gets hot and heavy.
Read through the reviews of Gunnar glasses. Real users aren't that impressed. I searched NewEgg for these SteelSeries rebranded Gunnar glasses and they aren't listed. Probably for a very good reason.
But, at least some manufacturers are trying to help people that are not allowed to take regular breaks so they can rest their eyes from too much computer work.
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# RE: SteelSeries vs. Gunnar OptiksOlin Coles 2011-12-07 08:33
I'm curious, but how can Austin's article be a re-write of mine? We're two different people with no connection.
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# RE: SteelSeries Desmo Digital EyewearWhyNotV2 2011-12-07 04:29
My optometrist sold special eye-strain reducing glasses and when I asked her about them earlier this year she said that it was a marketing gimmick and why the prices were reduced on them all. She admitted that there is some reduced eye strain, but it's minor. Properly adjust computer settings and illumination are key as are taking a moment to look at something in a farther distance every 15ish minutes (turn your head and focus on something 20 feet away). Dry eyes can be solved by using one of the many types of "natural tears" available (I use Refresh Optive myself). Since making these few changes, I've virtually eliminated my eye strain without the need of wearing glasses over my glasses.
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# SnickerMergatroid 2011-12-07 16:38
Lol, uh, no thanks. Maybe at $10, and a strain at $20. I see nothing here worth so much.

"Digital Eyewear", lol. What a joke. I have an excellent pair of sunglasses that cost me $25. Some companies sell "designer sunglasses" for hundreds. Just because some people are stupid enough to purchase them, or have more money than they know what to do with, doesn't make them worth $100. I'll purchase a $400 video card (two in fact) but not a $100 pair of "Digital Eyewear". I know when I'm getting ripped off. "There's a sucker born every minute" - P.T. Barnum
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# RE: SnickerOlin Coles 2011-12-07 16:58
It's kind of silly to have a negative opinion of a product you've never tried, but other people are happy with. I won't sit in front of my computer without mine on.
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# RE: SnickerAustin Downing 2011-12-07 21:23
First if two professional's who work on computers all day say they work and you haven't tried them how can have you have a negative opinion? Secondly, as a college student I don't have money to just burn. The better question is what reason would we have to lie about their usefulness? While I may not wear them every time I am in front of a computer like Olin, I still where them quite frequently especially when I am stressed and going to be working for a long time. (For example a five and a half hour hands on final tonight)
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# I didn't say they don't workMergatroid 2011-12-08 17:20
If you would reread my comment, you would nee that I never once even insinuated that this product doesn't work. I merely stated that they are not worth anywhere near what people are paying for them. I'm sorry if I called it as I see it. I stand by my opinion.
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# OopsMergatroid 2011-12-08 17:21
Sorry, that should be "you would see"
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# Neglected the DesmoSun Down 2011-12-07 21:30
Well, I didn't bought the $99 Desmo, but I did bought a sunglasses for $40. Not sure if ''Alfani'' is a real brand name but it helped. In fact, it helped better than the Desmo. Perhaps it's that yellow tint that didn't suit me. The Alfani is using a smoke tint and it helped. It's not polarized though.
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