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Written by Dan Ferguson   
Monday, 03 October 2011
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Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Manufacturer: Thermaltake eSPORTS
Product Name: MEKA G-Unit
Model Number: KB-MGU006
Price As Tested: $139.99 (Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Thermaltake.

Mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers are starting to take root in the enthusiast market. Keeping pace with this trend, Thermaltake eSPORTS has melded the two breeds into the MEKA G-Unit. Model KB-MGU006 builds macros, backlighting and other gaming features onto a robust mechanical keyboard base. There has been alot of hype around these "hybrid" style keyboards. As usual, Benchmark Reviews will cut through the flummery and use facts and performance to predict the future of the MEKA G-Unit and it's mechi-gaming peers.

For example, some of the newer keyboards are boasting 1000 Hz USB polling rates for improved performance. Does this make a difference? And if so, how much? It has been conclusively proven that it makes a difference for a mouse, so it must be just as good for keyboards too. Right? Well, maybe.

There's a temptation for companies to overstate the benefits gained by various features. It's as if consumers base their purchases on the length of the feature list rather than on things that really matter. But some statements are difficult to test or verify, even for the technical-minded. So we'll do our best.

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to the MEKA G-Unit the two main areas that will get attention are the gaming features and the mechanical composition of the board, with special attention to the claims made by Thermaltake. When it comes to gaming macros and performance are important, but performance is considered more when evaluating the physical makeup of the board. Overall use and feel are always important and will be evaluated by putting the keyboard through our daily routine. We'll look at the technical specs of the mechanical components and compare differences from normal keyboards. Finally, we'll measure the performance of the keys for multiple key presses, ghosting, and make an estimate on speed.

MEKA G-Unit Keyboard Features

  • Up to 1000 Hz Polling Rate
  • Cherry Black Mechanical Switches
  • Advanced Anti-Ghosting Function
  • USB Hubs and Audio Jacks
  • 3 Individual White Illumination Sections
  • Large Memory Size
  • Total Up to 60 Macro Keys within 3 Profiles
  • Normal Mode / Gaming Mode Switchable
  • ISS (Instant Switch System)
  • User Interface
  • 7 Multimedia Hotkeys
  • Smart Cable Management
  • Detachable Cable
  • Gold-Plated USB Connectors
  • Detachable Palm Rest

KB-MGU006 Specifications

  • 12 fixed and 8 unfixed macro keys
  • Anti-ghosting for up to 46 keys
  • 64KB Onboard Memory
  • 4 levels of lighting and pause-break
  • 1000 Hz Polling Rate Limit
  • 50 Million Keystroke Lifespan
  • 2 Onboard USB Hubs
  • USB to PS2 Adapter included
  • Body dimensions (LxWxH): 16.9 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches
  • Hardware Requirements:
    • Interface: USB port (1.1 or 2.0)
    • Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP or Mac OS X
    • Internet Connection for Driver Installation


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