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Written by Austin Downing   
Wednesday, 28 September 2011
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VisionTek Ultimate Performance 1866Mhz DDR3
Closer Look: VisionTek 1866MHz DDR3
RAM Testing and Results
Synthetic Benchmarks
Application Benchmark
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: VisionTek 1866MHz DDR3

Unlike cases, the aesthetics of RAM will not be something that a user will need to deal with on a daily basis. This means a user can pick the ugliest piece set of ram they can find and as long as it has the same timing, and speed will perform just as well as a tricked out set of RAM. None-the-less enthusiast with Plexiglas windows on their case may want RAM that goes along with the color scheme being used in their system.


For its external packaging VisionTek opted to veer away from a traditional blister pack for its memory and instead has used a Cardboard box with individual blister packs for each stick of memory.


VisionTek uses traditional multi-tined heat spreaders for the Ultimate Performance memory. None-the-less due to the lower voltages used on DDR3 the use of custom heat spreaders is no longer needed and it comes down to what design a consumer would like in their system.


VisionTek used a nice black paint with embedded glitter to help give the Ultimate Performance some unique flair. At the same time VisionTek did used a fairly traditional green PCB board for the underside of the Ultimate Performance memory kit.


VisionTek did not use any type of decipherable model number for the Ultimate Performance 1866MHz kit instead opting to use 400828 as designation for this kit.


One thing to be wary of with the VisionTek Ultimate Performance memory kit is that at 2" tall the Ultimate Performance memory kit may be too tall for many of the largest tower coolers on the market.



# RAMRealNeil 2011-10-07 08:05
RAM comes in so many variations that it can be confusing. I bought some Patriot DDR3-1600 RAM a few weeks ago, but I had to send it back because it was crashing the AMD A8-3850 system that I installed it into. The replacement RAM came and it did the same thing. By disabling "Load Line Calibration" I was able to make the system run on stock settings only. When I decided to try some GSKill RipJaws DDR3-1600 in the same system, it worked perfectly and I was able to get a 600MHz OC out of it with full stability.
The Patriot RAM worked just as well in an Intel box that I had. It can be a real crap-shoot picking out RAM to use.
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# RE: VisionTek Ultimate Performance 1866Mhz DDR3Adrian 2011-11-14 09:43
Sorry to complain but the charts on this review are most unclear. It is very difficult to determine which memory is which because the color coding is not referenced back to the memory brands and speeds so having three at 1866Mhz doesn't tell you much - can you update and clarify it would really help.

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