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Written by Emily Ladouceur   
Friday, 02 September 2011

Mythbusters DVD Review: Treats for Techies

Are you a techie or geek who has every gadget conceivable but still searches for downtime entertainment? Have you been searching for gifts for dad with no luck? Or perhaps you are looking to find that special techie or geek in your life the perfect gift they'll love. I've got the ideal product for you: Mythbusters Season 7 on DVD! It's the show on Discovery Channel made by geeks for geeks, and its got everything they'll want.

In this collection of DVD's there are some truly amazing myths and urban legends the Mythbusters put to the test, not to mention some epic explosions. Jamie, Adam, Tory, Kari, Grant, Jessi, and Buster bring science and technology to the myth and explain step by step why some myths are confirmed, some are plausible, and others are downright busted.

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered if the stunts or the mayhem could be done in real life? Season 7 of Mythbusters might just answer some of your questions. In the episode "Dumpster Diving" Adam and Jamie take on the question of whether someone can jump off a building into a dumpster to get away from a pursuer. In the episode "Dive to Survive" they ask if someone really can survive an explosion by diving into water. Or, how about grabbing onto a helicopter skid and climbing in while it's flying away? Looks easy, right?


The Mythbusters have something for everyone with the Season 7 Collection. If you prefer the gross factor rather than explosions and mayhem they've got something for you, too. In the episode "Hidden Nasties" they answer the question of whether your toilet is actually cleaner than some other often used household items. If that's not gross enough for you, how about making a working candle from earwax? Seriously, ew.

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. This collection has a little something to entertain everyone, even if they're not steeped in technology. Who doesn't appreciate a little destruction in the name of science?

I've always enjoyed the Mythbusters when I was able to catch them on TV. I prefer action and explosions and they always deliver. Plus, they have been able to answer some of those nagging questions that I've had sitting in the back of my brain. Like: can a bullet ricochet and kill the shooter?; or, can tossing a soda cup out the window kill another driver?; or, does an empty bottle do more damage than a full beer bottle when smashing it over someone's head?; or, can a bus actually jump a gap in a freeway?; etc.

So if you are looking for some gratuitous explosions, downtime entertainment, or the perfect gift, I recommend Mythbusters Season 7 Collection on DVD. Mythbusters has been called the "best science show on television" and Season 7 delivers. Its fun and science rolled into one entertaining package, and it's perfect for this tech savvy crowd.

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