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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Tuesday, 02 October 2012
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SPEEDLINK KUDOS RS Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Manufacturer: SPEEDLINK via Jöllenbeck GmbH
Product Name: KUDOS RS
Model Number: SL-6398-RD
UPC: 4027301263985
Price As Tested: €49.99 (MSRP)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by SPEEDLINK.

It's annoying when certain jazzed up peripherals are branded as 'Gaming' especially when they have no particular benefit to gamers. SPEEDLINK on the other hand have made a very good effort with the KUDOS RS Gaming Mouse, while it is very flashy looking with its red metallic finish it also packs some good features too.

The KUDOS RS features include a 5700 dpi laser sensor, on-the-fly sensitivity and profile switching, 7 programmable buttons and a 4D scroll wheel to name but a few. Here at Benchmark Reviews many of us are enthusiastic gamers and we strive for quality and functionality just as much as you guys.


Many gaming peripheral companies have already established their name and continue to release quality hardware year after year but SPEEDLINK have a way to go yet if they want to play with the big boys. Gimmicks and shiny plastic won't cut muster here at Benchmark Reviews, so we aim to put the KUDOS RS Gaming Mouse through its paces and see if it has what it takes to earn our respect as a true 'Gaming' peripheral.


  • Professional USB gaming mouse
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Two quick-access switches for in-game dpi and profile switching
  • Distinctively notched, extra-wide 4-way scroll wheel
  • Cutting-edge ultra-precise laser sensor with configurable sensitivity levels from 90 to 5700dpi
  • Sensor dpi separately adjustable for X and Y axes
  • Freely customisable USB ultrapolling rate of up to 1000Hz
  • 150ips (inches per second) tracking speed for lag-free movement sensing
  • Internal memory for five customisable profiles and freely programmable macros
  • Color dpi and profile indicator bar
  • Software offers extensive configuration and customisation options
  • Six additional weights (each 6g) for custom weight and balance
  • Ultimate control thanks to non-slip rubberised sides and gaming-optimised ergonomics
  • Ultra-low-friction, long-life Teflon feet
  • Highly flexible 1.8m cable with gold-plated USB connector



# 4d scroll wheelBrian 2012-10-24 22:28
You spoke highly of this novel 4D scroll wheel, but you never explained exactly what that is and why it's novel. I see it can go up and down and left or right, but that's available on plenty of mice. IMHO Logitech has the perfect scroll wheel with their notched and free spin settings. Please help me understand about this 4D version. Thank you!
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# RE: 4d scroll wheelkzinti1 2012-10-25 01:28
Same here. The scroll wheel rolls forwards and back, tilts left and right and finally depresses as a button.
That's 3 axes. What, exactly, is the 4th? The only 4th dimension I'm familiar with is time. I don't see any way that could possibly be incorporated in a run of the mill gaming mouse.
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# RE: RE: 4d scroll wheelSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-10-25 09:59
Kzinti1 and Brian;

It's novel because it goes up down left and right, as you both pointed out. Why do I need to go more in depth? It's a novel feature that not all computer mice have so it got a noteworthy mention.

SPEEDLINK call it a 4D scroll wheel not me, it's a marketing term. Maybe you could aim your comments towards SPEEDLINK to get some feedback.
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# MrSkidmarks 2012-10-25 07:38
The actual saying is "cut the mustard" not "cut the muster". I have no idea how it came about but there's probably no shortage of theories.
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# Wrong.....Bruce 2012-10-25 09:56
It started out as an unnoficial military term, probably in the British Empire. Look up the definition of muster, and you'll get an idea of what it means.
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# RE: MrSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-10-25 10:08
Muster: To call (troops) together, as for inspection.

The figure of speech "Won't cut muster" is used in the army. I believe people say "Won't cut mustard" because they have been taught wrong or simply heard it wrong.
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# A problem with almost all mice reviewss2korpio 2012-10-28 09:32
Not specifically to the writer, but every reviewer out there. Why, for the love of God why do everyone always seem to skip the part of how the "clicking" feels? Isn't that action suppose to be the most essential part of the mouse?

To be honest, I'm just sick of all the expensive mice that has a shallow click.
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# RE: SPEEDLINK KUDOS RS Gaming Mouses2korpio 2012-10-28 09:38
Simply put, I'd rather have simple mouse that has a good, satisfying click over one that puts excessive effort into dpi and styling.
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# RE: RE: SPEEDLINK KUDOS RS Gaming MouseSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-10-28 16:02
I think you may want to give this one a miss then buddy. The click is extremely light has virtually no tactile feedback whatsoever, even the click sound is quiet.
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