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P55 Roundup: P55-UD6 / P55-UD6 / P55-GD80 E-mail
Written by Madshrimps   
Monday, 21 September 2009

P55 Roundup: Gigabyte P55-UD6 / P55-UD6 and MSI P55-GD80

Almost two weeks after the official release of the Core i5 platform, we review three LGA1156 motherboards. We put the Gigabyte P55-UD3 and UD6 through the same batch of tests as the MSI P55-GD80 and check who comes out on top. Next to that we have some surprising results for those who want to use Turbo mode and also have a look at the extreme overclocking capabilities of both high-end motherboards. Last but not least we publish our findings on the maximum voltages for the Core i5 platform.

Last year, or rather: 9 months ago, we at Madshrimps also were blessed with the mass of hardware at our labs for our 7-way X58 motherboard round-up, which was hard work but paid off in the end. The main issue with reviewing so much boards, of which most have to be sent back in due time, is that for a certain period you only see the seven motherboards you're testing. Speaking for myself, one month with, let's be honest, mostly the same technology is rather stressful, so this time I will be dealing with the motherboard releases a different way. We'll still have regular motherboard reviews, but preferably only one at the time so that we can dig into the board deeper and give you more feedback on how it behaves and give you a more balanced opinion.

In this article, we'll be discussing the performance of Gigabyte's UD3 and UD6 and MSI's GD80. The two high-end motherboards will also be put into testing using a single stage cooling unit and, of course, the mandatory liquid nitrogen to complete max out the motherboard. We'll also have a look at the turbo mode implementation on both boards and in the end hope to give you a solid argumentation on why we believe either one is the better one. Madshrimps

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