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Written by Marc Fruchtman   
Wednesday, 31 August 2011
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NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior Features
Test Results
NZXT Sentry Mix Conclusion

Detailed Exterior Features

Ergonomically, the most difficult issue faced with the Sentry Mix, is the push button control to change the LED color. You will notice it is flush with the rubberized enclosure. This switch is on par with recessed reset switches for most computer cases, difficult to push accidentally, and in this case, to push on purpose.


There are 5 colors. Each activated in turn by pressing the recessed switch, shown above on the left. If you hold down the button for 5 seconds you can also turn off / on the LEDs completely.

And now, a word about the digital camera used for these pictures. I am not entirely satisfied that I cannot reproduce the depth, brilliance and hue with the clarity that you, the readers, deserve. I have carefully compared these images with the actual light and tried with great difficulty to get it as close as possible to the actual color.


This is actually how the white LEDs look to the eye. You will notice there is a blue tinge to it. It appears this way because the LED used is combining multiple colors to achieve “whiteness”, and apparently this LED is strong in the blue side, giving the white color that bluish tinge.


The orange LEDs appear washed out in real life. And this is reasonably close to how it looks. Alternatively, if you look at “red” below, it is certainly no more orange than that.


The blue LEDs are very impressive. The light is even deeper when viewed live.


The green LEDs are also a little bit deeper and very impressive.


Here is where I must apologize, as my digital camera absolutely refused to take a quality red LED image. So, what you see above as orange... is actually supposed to look like the image below.


This image is color enhanced to show you just how nice the red LEDs look.


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