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Written by David Ramsey   
Thursday, 26 May 2011
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LEVEL8 Products Macbook Air Sleeve
Closer Look: LEVEL8 MacBook Air Sleeve
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: LEVEL8 MacBook Air Sleeve

The LEVEL8 sleeve initially looks like a generic black laptop sleeve. But it's not: the first thing you'll notice is the outer zippered pocket. Granted, a sleeve is rarely carried separately, generally being relegated to protecting your laptop while it's inside some other piece of luggage. But for some reason most sleeve vendors seem to think you'll never want to carry your laptop's charger or other items with the computer. And the combination of this case and a MacBook Air is so light that even without a separate handle, it's easy to carry with one hand.


The next thing you'll notice is the interior. Those odd-looking bumps serve as a "suspension system" to provide extra protection in case of impacts. Pressing on them with a finger reveals that they're firm and springy.


Seen edge-on, the sleeve doesn't appear much thicker than the MacBook Air.


And it's pretty much the same size...perhaps 1/2" longer and wider than the 13" MacBook Air.


Nestled inside, the Air is safe and cozy. With the computer inside, the total thickness of the sleeve is about 1.25". LEVEL8 says that this sleeve can accommodate a MacBook Air even when it's got one of those weird hard-shell protectors on it.


I'll present my conclusions on the LEVEL8 Products sleeve in the next section.


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