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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 10 October 2006
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NZXT Adamas Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case
Basic External Features
Detailed External Features
Basic Internal Features
Detailed Internal Features
Fit and Finish

Closer Look: Detailed External Features

When it comes down to the finer details, you won't have to look very deep to notice NZXT actually did some homework. Every panel is billet aluminum construction, which improves the strength dramatically. Although some might prefer a nice shiny polished finish, I think that the brushed aluminum finish adds a nice touch to the Adamas. Looking closer, as depicted in the image below, the grain of the aluminum finish matches throughout the entire case. Every piece and panel mates up tightly to the adjoining sections. Attention to detail is a motto clearly etched into the designers at NZXT.

3mm Fully Aluminum Construction

Most other builders would have felt plastic buttons would be more then adaquate when designing their case. Not NZXT, and not on the Adamas. Fully CNC machined aluminum bottons adorn the front bezel, proving that you can never compromise when you aim to build the best computer case on the planet.

Machined Aluminum Buttons

It had previously been mentioned that there is roughly enough plastic built into the NZXT Adamas to make a bottle cap. Here is one of the two pieces of plastic used in the construction of this case. I have to imagine that NZXT probably initially tried aluminum for this piece, but found it to have less pliable properties then the plastic counterpart.Located in the front I/O panel are the standard array of two USB 2.0 ports, one each microphone and headphone mini-plug, and one IEEE-1394 Firewire port.

Plastic Door Clip

The front bezel release latch is the only non-aluminum metal piece included in the construction of this case. I would say that if I were to melt down all of the components for the Adamas, it would likely measure 96% Aluminum, 3% steel, and less then 1% plastic. It's a shame to suggest it, but this case will certainly keep its value; at least in terms of recycling.

Front Bezel Release Latch


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