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Install Windows With a USB Flash Drive E-mail
Written by HiTechLegion   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

How many times have you reloaded your system and wished there was an easier and faster way of doing it? How many times have you had troubles installing Windows because of a scratched CD or DVD, or had to reload your PC or Laptop only to find out that the DVD Drive was bad?
Are you a Netbook owner? Then keep reading because you do not need to spend $60 on an external DVD drive to install Windows.

All the worries & headaches end here, as I am about to show you how to install Windows XP and Windows Vista from a USB flash drive. Yes, that's correct, you can put those CDs and DVDs away and use nothing more than a $7.00 4GB USB flash drive.

I have been using this method for some time now and it is a God send. I am always reloading my machines, either for myself or for a review, and it was a nightmare to have piles of CDs all over my desk. Not only that, but I no longer need to download or keep track of where drivers and certain applications are, as those get put into their own folder right on the same USB drive (if you have a large enough drive). Not only do I no longer need to have CDs scattered all over my desk, I do not even need a DVD drive installed in my PC. If I am in a rush, or running out of room on my test bench, or even building a mini system or HTPC, I can just leave the DVD drive in its box, grab my USB drive with XP or Vista on it and just install Windows that way. HiTechLegion


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