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Written by Adam Pizzo - Edited by Olin Coles   
Monday, 17 January 2011
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Mionix Naos 3200 USB Optical Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Naos 3200
Mionix Naos 3200 Software Features
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Mionix Naos 3200 Gaming Mouse Review

Here at Benchmark Reviews we know that with the turbulent financial markets the way they are these days having a high quality product that can draw customers in and keep them coming back for more is essential. Mionix is a relatively new company that is hoping to make their mark on the computer gaming world. This Swedish company knows how to make a good mouse. The Mionix Naos 3200 is affordable, durable, and so comfortable you'll have to use it to believe. Keep reading to see what this gaming mouse can bring to your table.

There are plenty of mice out there, but as a gamer you shouldn't burden yourself with an old track-ball mouse or a generic optical mouse any longer! The Naos 3200 brings a lot to the table without completely breaking your wallet. The Naos 3200 is a slightly stripped version of the Naos 5000. It has a max DPI of 3200, custom macros and binds, onboard memory, 7 buttons for more control, color management, and a high-quality highly ergonomic build that belies its low cost.

Mionix really wants to show gamers what it's like to have a great gaming mouse without sacrificing comfort and while fitting any kind of user's price range. Now let's check it out!


I'll be throwing the Naos 3200 through a series of everyday uses to see how it performs in a variety of different environments and conditions.

3200 dpi Mouse Features

  • Truly ergonomic design - Truly ergonomic design with support for all five fingers
  • Plug n Play - Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration
  • Maximum grip - The rubber coating ensures a maximum grip
  • 3200 dpi LED-optical sensor - Reliable and accurate LED-optical sensor technology
  • Built-in memory - Bring your settings and recorded macros with you
  • Customizable LED light system - Personalize your mouse with your favorite color
  • 3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment - Choose from 3 dpi steps and switch between them in-game
  • 7 programmable buttons - The buttons can be assigned to any key command or macro
  • Adjustable polling rate - Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software

Mionix Naos 3200 Specifications

  • 3200 dpi gaming LED-optical sensor
  • 3.5mm lift distanceMionix-Naos-3200_Mionix_Logo.png
  • 1 ms response time
  • 6469 frames/sec
  • Tracking speed: 1 m/sec (40 ips)
  • 5.8 megapixels/sec image processing
  • Acceleration: 15 g
  • True 16-bit data path
Manufacturer: Mionix
Product Name: Naos 3200
Model Number: 3200
Price As Tested: $54.99 from

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Mionix.



# SS IkariPoldo 2011-01-16 23:03
Now, this mouse looks like an Ikari that I have (Iron Lady) sans LCD at the bottom.
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# This mouse is not a starEric Merlin 2011-01-17 04:08
All Mionix mouse made by La View Hong Kong. They didn't design the mouse, therefore, they don't give birth to the star, i mean mouse. They bought the star, again, mouse. Tons of gaming mouse out there are OEM from CHINA. This applies to ozone gaming too.
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# It's not a OEMJohno 2011-01-18 01:40
I can assure you that this mouse is not an OEM. It's been discussed before, and they've clearly stated that it's not.
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