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Written by TestFreaks   
Monday, 26 January 2009

There are many products out there that have combined technology to create something much more interesting and usable. We find many things that we normally don't think of as gadgets are becoming them with the addition of electronic parts into them. Take a pair of binoculars for example, most wouldn't call them a gadget, but add a built in digital camera and it becomes one, for better or worse technology is invading mostly all aspects of our lives. has sent me over an interesting gadget for review today, it combines binoculars with a digital camera so you can take pictures of the things that you're looking at through them. These can be great for sports fans, hunters, and even bird watchers, or just someone who likes to observe the thing around them. The product is called the Bushnell ImageView, and while it's a nice idea it does have a few flaws that I found in my time with them.

With a name like you'd think they would be carrying only computer parts, but they really carry all sorts of products including toys, gadgets and assorted consumer electronics. I've been shopping with them for many years now and I've come to find that they often carry things that you won't find other places, and usually have good deals all of the time on the things I need, so stop by if you get a chance and check them out. TestFreaks


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