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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Thursday, 06 January 2011
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Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Thermaltake Challenger Pro
Thermaltake Challenger Pro Detailed Features
Software and Effects
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts

Software and Effects

To gain full control of the Challenger Pro keyboard you must first install the user interface software, I have noticed a couple of bugs that need resolving though. Firstly, every time windows loads the lighting controls are set to default which means that the Tt logo is illuminated and the backlight is at 100%. Secondly, each time you load the user interface all the lights go out and need to be activated again, small annoyances but they are there all the same. Really the software should remember your lighting preferences

The user interface is easy to navigate without instructions, across the top the four profiles are separated into tabs, on the right you can control the lights on the keyboard (backlight and Tt logo). Below the lighting control is a timer, supposedly for timing your gaming sessions or in my case, how long till Call of Duty Black Ops crashes again.


Below the session timer you have three buttons, one to save your profile set from the user interface to your computer, one to load a profile set from your computer to the user interface and then finally a button to upload the current settings to the keyboard's onboard memory. To the left are the macro keys, each key has a drop down box from which you can select pre defined commands (cut, copy, paste, undo, all, find, new, print, save, launch and macro).

The first nine functions are commonly used functions and it's nice to see them pre made. Also very useful is the launch option that when selected prompts you to specify an application that you would like to be launched by that key. Selecting macro opens the following window...


Pretty self explanatory and once again easy to navigate. Recording macros takes only seconds and they can be edited when done as well. You have the option to save your macros to your computer and to load any macros you may have on your computer.


By default the Tt logo is illuminated and can be quite annoying, it is good for when you want to show off but is otherwise not really needed so I like to turn it off..


The illumination effect is quite nice and not too bright, the backlight has 3 levels of illumination (low, medium and high) in the image above the level is set to high. You are also able to turn off illumination, this can be done either in the user interface or by pressing a special key on the keyboard situated on the far right of the keyboard next to the profile select button.



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Once the industry latches on to a concept like "gaming computer", "gaming mouse" etc, it becomes mainstreamed, and exploited to the point that the word loses its meaning. That's where the consumer who is smart, and reading the reviews will benefit from the expert opinions.
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