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Written by Austin Downing - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 21 December 2010
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Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0
Closer Look: Eagle Eye Converter
Eagle Eye Converter Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Eagle Eye Converter

The Eagle Eye Converter is a very simple looking product with one goal; provide a near PC gaming experience to gamers on the PS3. Penguin United kept the Eagle Eye Converter simple so that once programed only need to be plugged into the PS3 and a user is good to go.


The Eagle Eye Converter uses a simple easy to access exterior to allow even the most technologically challenged people effectively use a mouse and keyboard with ease. Once programed you plug any compatible USB HID 2.0 compatible mouse and keyboard into the designated ports, and plug the Eagle Eye Converter into the PlayStation 3 where it appears as a compatible PS3 controller. In order to make switching between games easier Penguin United has also provided a key map switch to easily switch between two preprogrammed profiles.


On the underside, you have one switch, which is used to alternate between gaming mode and enabling the Eagle Eye Converter to be upgraded as Penguin United introduces new firmware. Normally users should never need to enable the programing mode but the process for upgrading firmware is easy as long as you follow the systematic instructions provided by Penguin United here.


Each button that the Eagle Eye Converter emulates with a mouse and keyboard can also have a turbo function added onto it by enabling the keys switch on the top of the Eagle Eye Converter. This feature may be of particular use if you are using a single shot weapon as you can then fire the weapon as fast as the system will register the inputs.


As the Eagle Eye Converter is intended for use with a console, it is nice to see that Penguin United has included as 13' USB cable allowing for your system to be connected from across the room. The cable is covered in a high quality plastic that has stood up to being stepped on and rolled over with chairs while being no worse for the wear.



# Mradrianw 2010-12-29 09:35
Why dont the software writers just put in the option of using a keyboard and mouse as controllers and let us decide what we want to use on our ps3. I myself own a apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse that link perfectly with the ps3 for internet/messaging so why dont the developers just allow the use of keyboards in their games, it shouldnt be hard to do and would stop this problem.
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# RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0azamoth 2011-01-03 03:25
in total agreement here, i have a PS3 rotting away on a bookshelf because of this. i just have more fun with my PC since FPS games are my thing and i can't stand using the PS3 controller to aim. had a look at the splitfish controller a while ago too, but combining the price of the controller and your average PS3 game just made no sense. why should i have to pay more if mouse and keyboard is my preference? i'm sure game developers will wake up to this sooner or later, or maybe sony won't allow it?
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# RE: RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0Austin Downing 2011-01-03 13:36
I agree, but the PS3 is great for other things, for example I have spent a good amount of time playing Gran Turismo 5. On the other hand adding mouse and keyboard compatibly isn't hard. I remember when it first came out and Unreal Tournament 3 had full mouse and keyboard compatibility and I was hoping that this trend would continue but sadly it didn't
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# RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0Argos 2011-03-07 04:58
For certain games that are not available for PC I would make the jump to PS3 immediately if it had full native mouse & keyboard support. The only thing that has stopped me from buying a console is the problem I as a PC gamer have with the console controller. There are several games I would like to play on PS3, like Red Dead Dedemption and LA Noir.
I have looked into this Eagle Eye solution, but it has still too many problems.
I personally know several PC gamers who would buy Sony PS3 if it truely supported keyboard and mouse. There must be millions of potential customers waiting for Sony to make its move.
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# RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0The Stav 2011-05-30 19:24
Re: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0
I personally can't think of a more primitive method
of game control than a keyboard and mouse.
I'm not suggesting the PS3 or X-Box controllers are
perfect but the user at least has more freedom to physically
move, to stretch the limbs etc, they are ergonomic and quick.
I bought a cheap, wired, Creative brand controller for my PC
and it's ok. At least I can kick back on a reclining chair
with my feet up. How do you use a mouse in this position?
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# RE: The StavAustin Downing 2011-05-30 20:39
How is it primitive? It is more accurate, faster, and better suited to a competitive environment then any controller. Originally they were going to allow the Xbox 360 and PC gamers to play together but they found a mediocre PC gamer could slaughter a well versed console player.

Don't get me wrong though for certain games like GTA IV i prefer a controller but for FPS, RTS, and TPS i much prefer a mouse and keyboard.
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# RE: RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0Argos 2011-05-31 00:17
I have to agree with Austin Downing. For now... keyboard/mouse in general is the most accurate and definitely fastest controller method there is. Again... for now. I'm not talking about personal preference here, but about objective fact.

I can appreciate that you yourself might be so used to controller that you personally prefer it. But your arguments for it sound a bit beside the point to me.

A controller in the first place is about accuracy and speed, not about being able to do gymnastics while you are playing GTA or Assassin's Creed or Crysis 2. If I want to stretch my legs, I simply pause my game play. But when I game, there exists currently no console controller in the world that can best me in speed and accuracy on my Ideazon Fang gaming keyboard and Creative G700 gaming mouse. That is for sure.

But perhaps even that is besides the point. I am, and have been, an old school veteran PC gamer for decades now. And there are millions like me in the world, with a powerhouse gaming PC, who prefer PC gaming because of the versatility, the graphics, the modding etc. Guys like me already own an incredible platform that can easily cope with any game in existence, and we don't feel like spending another 400/500 bucks on another platform with controls that feel extremely and shockingly awkward and sluggish to us. And I assure it is not for a lack of trying. I and some of my gaming comrades tried several console controllers and they make us feel like we are physically handicapped. Perhaps it is simply easier for the young, who grew up with these type of controllers?

From a business point of view I strongly believe that the brand (Sony or Microsoft) that enables full native keyboard and mouse support on its gaming console would gain, millions of customers like me who would then make the jump to console, because there are several high quality console games we certainly would like to play.

But if I could choose I would much rather see RDR and LA Noire and some other games on PC of course. The money that would save me would be well spend on games.
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# RE: RE: Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0Meriem 2011-12-10 11:10
Very easy to play with feet up. Hubby's playing years PC games on recliner. He would very much prefer PS3 due to never ending need for hardware upgrades.
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# Sony won't allow keyboard and mouse support!!!!Torvic 2011-06-02 22:45
They won't allow it because the pc games will take a hit from the revenue. PC games developer will lose millions of dollars. I mean, why play a highly advance games that required latest hardwares and expensive VGA if the PS3 can support FPS games... via keyboard and mouse...

Some people cant even play CoD and Battlefield games with decent pc setup... your required to upgrade hardwares which is expensive. Crysis 2 for example required $300+ graphic cards just to run on MEDIUM!!!! while on ps3 you can play Crysis 2 w/ almost unnoticable difference...
PS3's graphic cards equates to an outdated 7900GT which is discontinue.. and less expensive... That's why PC games counterpart on Ps3 will never support keyboard and mouse.

Now ask yourself, which do you prefer... An upgrade VGA $300+ for pc games... or a $50-100 EEc for the PS3
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# RE: Sony won't allow keyboard and mouse support!!!!Olin Coles 2011-06-02 22:52
@Torvic: You should read this article then
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# RE: Sony won't allow keyboard and mouse support!!!!Argos 2011-06-03 03:27
?They won't allow it because the pc games will take a hit from the revenue. PC games developer will lose millions of dollars.?

Who won?t allow it? Who is they? If ?they? want to protect the PC gaming market, wouldn?t it make sense then to bring blockbuster titles like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire to the PC? It is games like that which seduce PC gamers into buying consoles. Even Microsoft with a huge invested interested in the PC market demands exclusive content for their console.

As a PC gamer pur sang I would only buy those few console games that are not available on PC, and only when they are of high quality (most is garbage to me). Everything else I would buy for PC because of the other advantages. The major one being the modding and editing communities for games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Star Trek Armada, GTA4, X3 series, Dawn of War series, Star Wars Battlefront, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. etc. etc.

@Olin Coles

I strongly believe PC gaming will only die if something can replace the unique creative, customizable and moddable aspect of it. Consoles are extremely limited compared to what PC games allow or even stimulate or intend you to do with games. Many Game developers understand that now.

Consoles are limiting gaming cages. PC?s are enabling gaming worlds. I believe the creative side of gaming will be extremely important into the far, far future, because it appeals to what we as humans are and want, it appeals to our human creative core.
Console games limit you, they imprison you in a prefab, fixed gaming cage, whereas the PC can offer freedom and virtually unlimited creativity. That is why games like Morrowind, Oblivion, X3, Dawn of War and others still have such a huge following after so many years. They are more than just gaming. They are about creating your own world. They are ultimate escapism.
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