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AirLive WL-2000CAM IP Camera E-mail
Written by techPowerUp!   
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

AirLive is a well known for their relatively cheap wireless solutions. Today we will be taking a look at a new wireless IP-camera by AirLive. It is called the WL-2000CAM and has a lot of neat features. Geared towards home use rather than professional surveillance applications the user interface is easy to navigate and it does not take long to configure it for normal use. Since the camera has on-board processing capabilities and a network connection you can access the video feed from even a 3G cellphone. Another interesting feature that the WL-2000CAM boasts is two way communication, if you hook this camera up to a set of PC speakers it allows you to talk back and not just listen in. techPowerUp!


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