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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 13 August 2007
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Ultra ChillTec TEC CPU Cooler ULT33186
ULT33186 Features and Specifications
Closer Look: ChillTec Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
ChillTec Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ULT33186 Detailed Exterior Features

Ultra has utilized every tool in the cooling arsenal in the ULT33186 ChillTec. It has an enormous heatsink full of aluminum fins, four heatpipes traveling each side, a large 92mm fan, and just for overkill there is the featured thermo electric cooling interface. But will it all be enough?

Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler

Mounting the ChillTec TEC CPU Cooler will require removing the motherboard to install the metal bolt frame. The ULT33186 is very heavy, and would cause damaging stress to the motherboard without the proper frame to support the weight hanging from the side.

Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler

The image above shows how much detail Ultra has incorporated into their ChillTec CPU Cooler: polished heatpipes, polished aluminum fins, polished TEC base. It's a wonder I was able to get a picture of this unit with all of the reflected light and sparkle. The good news is that it looks very nice once it's installed, and would not look overly functional even though it really is.

Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler

From the front intake view of the Ultra ULT33186 ChillTec you can see begin to see the collective technologies overlap. Their are two heatpipes at the upper and lower portion of the Peltier base, and each set of of heatpipes span through the base and run up to the CPU cooler heatsink. From this point, heatpipe technology compliments thermo electric effects and rapidly cools the entire unit with assistance from the large array of aluminum fins.

Ultra ULT33186 Chilltec TEC CPU Cooler

The image above gives a close-up view of the Ultra ULT33186 ChillTec base component. You can clearly see two heatpipes running from both sides of the thermo electric base, and the additional electronics stemming from the unit. All of this looks very impressive, and if looks were everything I would already be convinced. But it will take some testing before I am willing to recommend even the most stunning product.



# psshturreviewsux 2012-01-28 18:38
your review of this product sucks ass. I have an intel i7 1336 in an asus p6t with an nvidia gtx 285 and 36 gb of RAM as well as a 1600 watt PSU...this cooler kicks ass considering i run skyrim on ultra completely maxed settings and the TEC display never goes above 85 F at room temp....this cooler kicks ass, if you got the money then get it...anyways you dont need that much cooling power for such a toddler processor that you seemed to have in this "test" rig. Why the hell would you waste time overclocking a duo anyways? FAIL.
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# RE: psshtDavid Ramsey 2012-01-28 18:40
How about because this review was written five years ago? When the 1366 (not "1336") CPUs didn't exist?
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# RE: psshtOlin Coles 2012-01-29 09:29

Your ability to read frightens me. Not only was this article written five years ago, long before the LGA1366 Core-i7 series existed, it was written using methods you clearly have no concept of. Measuring CPU cooling performance with a video game? Why don't you start predicting the weather with silverware? I would be offended by your trollish remarks, except for you sound too stupid for me to bother with.
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# RE: Ultra ChillTec TEC CPU Cooler ULT33186BT23 2012-03-20 15:17
I still have this cooler and im thinking of replacing this for an H100 water cooling set. would the H100 be significantly better at cooling compared to this?

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# @ urreviewsuxChuckNorris 2012-05-03 03:01
lol really??? try oc ur cpu first, then run the cpu load test or play that game with all max and check your temperature and tell me if it doesn't skyrocket above your cute little "85F" limit =P
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