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Written by Nate Swetland   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
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BitFenix Colossus E-ATX Computer Case
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BitFenix Colossus Computer Case Review

BitFenix is very much a newcomer to the saturated market of computer cases. They are looking to get their foot in the door and to make a big name for themselves. With the introduction of the Colossus case, it is clear they intend to make a very large impression on the market. This large tower form factor case is almost two full feet tall and deep, so you know it lives up to the name Colossus. Benchmark Reviews has been given the opportunity to take a look at the case as it nears its United States debut. With advertised features such as a security-minded top storage/access panel, unique exterior LED lighting system, and massive cooling capabilities, this case has much promise to be a great debut for BitFenix as a company. Will it live up to the Colossus name, and up to Benchmark Reviews' standards? Read on to find out!

Many people are a firm believer in the mantra "bigger is better". The Colossus subscribes to that idea both in name, and in practice. This case is designed with "big" in mind, and it shows. With the ability to hold up to 7 hard drives, 5 optical bay devices, two 230mm fans, and three 120mm or 140mm fans; you know it is big. With BitFenix being such a new name in the industry, they need a real winner to show they have the stuff to make it. While only a new company, BitFenix is staffed with industry veterans, so they know what works and what does not. The Colossus offers many cosmetic options, as it comes in either all white or all black. The LED lighting also allows for several different configurations, which we will get into detail later on. If you like full tower cases with plenty of cool features, stay tuned to see if the Colossus is the right case for you.


Cases are very cosmetically orientated items, but they also must perform and function to certain standards before they can be considered worth purchasing. Items reviewed by Benchmark Reviews are rated on the following categories: Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality, and Value. While some of these categories can tend to be a bit more subjective than others, Benchmark Reviews strives to provide the most professional and unbiased review as possible.

Manufacturer: BitFenix Co. Ltd.
Product Name: Colossus
Model Number: BFC-CLS-600-KKLB1-RP
Price As Tested: $169 MSRP

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by BitFenix Co. Ltd.

BitFenix Colossus Features

  • LED Lighting System - Innovative LED-lit front door and side panels provide even lighting and user-selectable red or blue.
  • Bold Modern Design - Colossus blends an aggressive futuristic design with clean modern lines.
  • Black or White - Available in both White and Black, Colossus looks great in virtually any environment.
  • BitFenix SofTouchTM- Colossus is coated using BitFenix's proprietary SofTouchTM coating, which not only looks great, but protects it from stains and gives an amazing feel.
  • BitFenix S3TM - Storage and security system in one. Place your iPhone, hard disk, or other valuables in S3 and lock them away for safe keeping.
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Certified - Connect an ever-growing number of USB 3.0 devices with two USB 3.0 ports.
  • Multimode Light Controls - Select red or blue lights, have the lights stay on, pulsate, or simply turn them off completely.
  • PWM Fan Technology - Tune your fans up or down with greater precision without the need for proprietary fans.
  • Massive Cooling - Colossus can be outfitted with up to two 230mm fans, three 140mm fans, or three 120mm fans, meaning huge cooling potential for all system components.
  • Balanced Airflow - Equal CFM intake and exhaust means optimal cooling for all hardware.
  • Removable Dust Filters - Included with all intakes, these dust filters prevent dust from entering the chassis and make clean up a snap.
  • Switchable Door Hinges - Users can configure the front door to open to the left or to the right with ease.
  • DIY Friendly - Featuring a motherboard CPU cooler cutout on the motherboard tray, specially-designed motherboard standoffs, and an almost completely tool-free design, getting your system up and running with Colossus is a joy.
  • Multiple HDD Bays - Colossus can be fitted with up to seven 2.5" SSDs or seven 3.5" drives.

BFC-CLS-600-KKLB1-RP Specifications

Materials SECC, ABS
Color (Int/Ext) Black/Black or White/White
Dimensions (WxHxD) 245 x 558 x 582 mm (ATX Full Tower)
Motherboard Sizes Mini-ITX, mATX, ATX, E-ATX
5.25" Drive Bays x 5 (1 x external 3.5"; tool-free)
3.5" Drive Bays x 7
2.5" Drive Bays x 7 (using standard 3.5" drive bays)
Cooling Front 1 x 230mm
Cooling Rear 1 x 140mm (optional)
Cooling Side Panel n/a
Cooling Top 1 x 230mm (or 1 x 140/120mm optional)
Cooling Bottom 1 x 140/120mm (optional)
PCI Slots 8 (tool-free)
I/O 2 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0, eSATA, Audio
Power Supply PS2 ATX (bottom, multi direction)



# RE: BitFenix Colossus E-ATX Computer CaseRobert17 2010-10-27 04:00
You might try a very small piece of Velcro with sticky on each back side to secure the front door. I found this works well for many applications, even securing dust filters when tabs break.

Did you review a production case or a prototype? I read a previous review that indicated that Bitfenix was making a few adjustments post-review; this goes back a few weeks.
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# RE: RE: BitFenix Colossus E-ATX Computer CaseNate Swetland 2010-10-27 10:17
A Velcro strip would be a nice quick fix for the door indeed. A small magnet with a stick back would also work, but both would not allow the door to close flat. Making sure the case is on a level surface allows the door issue to go mostly unnoticed.

The case I reviewed was in fact a full retail sample.

Thanks for your comments!
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# Where?tseax 2010-10-27 19:06
Where the heck in North America can you buy this box?
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# RE: Where?Nate Swetland 2010-11-01 15:27
I am not sure if you even can at this time. I will try and contact BitFenix to see where they plan on selling this case when it is fully available in the U.S.
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# Correction(s)Nate Swetland 2010-11-01 15:25
Originally, I thought the case had no "latching" mechanism due to the door occasionally opening by itself, especially when on uneven surfaces, or bumped.
It has been confirmed that there are actually magnets that hold the door shut. While they do hold the door, they are a bit weak, and the door is still prone to bumps and uneven surfaces. This may very well be an isolated incident, but I noticed it enough to mention it originally.

I wanted to be sure, and to clarify this for everyone. The article has been updated with this information as well.
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