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Written by Hank Tolman   
Monday, 03 January 2011
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Intel DH67BL H67-Express Motherboard
Intel DH67BL Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Intel DH67BL Motherboard
Intel DH67BL Detailed Features
Motherboard Testing Methodology
AIDA64 Extreme Edition v1.1 Benchmark Tests
Passmark PerformanceTest
3DMark Vantage Benchmark Tests
PCMark Vantage Benchmark Tests
SiSoftware Sandra
Cinebench R11.5 Benchmarks
Far Cry 2 Benchmark Results
Resident Evil 5 Benchmark Results
Street Fighter IV Benchmark
Video Transcoding Tests
Overclocking and Power Consumption
H67-Express Final Thoughts
Intel DH67BL Conclusion

Video Transcoding Tests

x264 HD Benchmark 3.19 Test

Tech ARP's x264 HD Benchmark comprises the Avisynth video scripting engine, an x264 encoder, a sample 720P video file, and a script file that actually runs the benchmark. The script invokes four two-pass encoding runs and reports the average frames per second encoded as a result. The script file is a simple batch file, so you could edit the encoding parameters if you were interested, although your results wouldn't then be comparable to others.


Since the Sandy Bridge CPUs are meant to be more media minded, video transcoding tests should give us a good idea of just how much they have improved. In the AVI format transcode, the H67 Chipset outperforms the 890GX by about 16.5%.

The MP4 test shows a similar story to the AVI test, but with slightly more impressive gains. The DH67BL with the Core i5-2500K performs 28% better than the Phenom-II X4-975BE. With the huge expansion of the smart phone market, a lot of people are ripping their DVDs or other videos to MP4 format. Also, digital storage of movies and videos is becoming more common than ever. With this in mind, the CPUs that can handle this process the fastest will have a large market, probably even larger than the Gaming CPU market. I think Intel is counting on it.

Handbrake 0.9.4 Video Transcoder

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder program designed to convert MPEG video (including DVD-Video) into an MPEG-4 video file in MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4) or Matroska (.mkv) containers. The program is used to convert DVDs into other forms so they can be viewed on portable media devices and with most media players. While Handbrake was originally developed for BeOS, it is now available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Handbrake is a readily available program that easily handles and utilizes multiple CPU cores and threads. This makes it an ideal program for us to use to test CPU performance. The amount of time it takes for Handbrake to convert a media file scales very nicely based on the clock speed and available cores of the CPU. For this test, I used a 4.34GB video file in MPEG format to be converted to MP4 format using the "iPhone &iPod Touch" presets. I recorded the total time in (min:sec) that it took to transcode the video file.


The Handbrake video transcode test shows us the same result that we got from the x264 test. When transcoding video from one format to another, new Sandy Bridge architecture has the definite advantage. We transcoded a home video file that was just over 2 hours long into a format that fits on an smartphone or mp4 player. The Intel DH67BL and Core i5-2500K completed this almost 3.5 minutes faster than the 890GX and Phenom-II X4-975BE and over a minute faster than the Core i7-920.



# Dr.Error Correction Code 2011-01-04 07:51
Four slots, each can adress a module of maximum capacity of 4GB and you count that as 32GB of RAM? 4x4=16 as far as my math goes.
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# You are rightHank 2011-01-04 17:26
"Support for up to 32 GB of system memory with four DIMMs using 4 Gb memory technology"

That came straight from the specifications Intel gave us. Quite interesting. Thanks for the spot.
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# RE: You are rightOlin Coles 2011-01-04 17:32
I doubt that you have four 4GB modules hanging around doing nothing, but I'm betting that this motherboard supports 32GB like the other 67-series products.
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# RE: RE: You are rightHank 2011-01-05 07:41
True, true. Although I would need 4 x 8GB modules to see if it supports 32GB.
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# b vs. BNathan 2011-01-06 10:23
In this context, b = bits and B = bytes. "4 Gb memory technology" in the specs refers to the maximum supported size of DRAM chips on the DIMMs, 4 gigabits in this case. The number and size of DRAM chips on a DIMM determines its total size. An 8 gigabyte DIMM could be made up of 1Gb, 2Gb, or 4Gb DRAMs depending on the data width of the DRAMs (4 bits or 8 bits) and the number of "ranks" on the DIMM. I don't think 4Gb DRAMs are very common yet, but this board will support them if you buy DIMMs that use them.
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# great reviewNathan 2011-01-06 10:38
BTW, thanks for the detailed review!

Only one discrepancy that I noted: the "Handbrake Video Transcode Test" graphic has the note "Higher is Better" in the sidebar but it should be "Lower is Better" for this one.
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# RE: b vs. BHank 2011-01-07 13:34
Good call, I didn't even make the connection at first when I read 32GB of memory using 4Gb technology. Thanks for the explanation.
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# Underclocking?gevo 2011-01-07 18:55
Can you reduce the multiplier (i.e. underclock) of a CPU on BDH67BL H67 motherboard? If yes, then does it work with all Sandy Bridge CPUs or only the -K variants?

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# No underclockingHank 2011-01-15 06:24
No, you can't change the clock speed of the CPU at all using this motherboard.
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# Power consumptionSte 2011-01-08 20:10
I'm planning on building a low power HTPC around this board and an i5-2500T. I was amazed that with even with a 2500K it draws only 115 Watts fully loaded.

So the question becomes: what would be the perfect power supply for my low-power HTPC system, taking into consideration I'll have no PCIE video card, a PCI TV tuner, a blu-ray drive and a single 2 Tb SATA drive?
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# 300WHank 2011-01-15 06:26
I would recommend a 300W PSU, although if you can find a 200 / 250W with at least 80+ bronze certification, it should work fine.
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# which processor betterjack 2011-01-09 07:58
which processor is best for this motherboard? i plan to get i5 2400. bcos author didnt recommend for k series. now my choice either 2400 or 2100.
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# I haven't tested the 2400 or 2100Hank 2011-01-15 06:27
Since I've only tested the 2500K, I don't know how well the 2400 or 2100 would compare in performance for the price.
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# about those capacitorjack 2011-01-09 08:04
i dont understand why until now intel still not using all solid state capacitor, but will those normal capacitor lasting?
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# MemoryKevin 2011-01-18 02:55
Stupid question, but can you use ddr3-1600 memory?
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# RE: MemoryOlin Coles 2011-01-18 08:53
This motherboard will support up to 1333 MHz DDR3 memory with no additional settings needed, or 1600+ by changing settings in the BIOS to 'overclock' the memory. No Intel motherboard exists yet that supports 1600 MHz or faster RAM without overclocking.
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# GPU Freq. monitoringServando Silva 2011-01-20 12:49
Hi Hank. I'm just trying an ASUS H67 motherboard and there's a real simple way to monitor iGPU frequencies. Just use CPU-Z 1.56.2 and check the GPU tab. Since I'm using a Core i7 2600K my idle freq. is 850MHz while it goes up to 1350MHz when I put some load. I managed to OC it to 1650MHz and received a nice 22% OC.

As for tests, I checked it with SF IV Benchmark and the turbo went to 1650MHz all the time giving a 14% extra performance. You might want to give it a new shot.

Take care.
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# K-Series is no waste on H67!Beck Christian 2011-01-23 05:22
Since they have faster integrated graphics than their non-k counterparts.
If one wants to build a HTPC, the K-Model is better.
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# RE: K-Series is no waste on H67!Beck Christian 2011-01-23 06:43
by the way, the core i-5 2500k is the smallest sandy bridge cpu with the hd3000 graphics.
all other 2500s have the hd2000 only. same for all the i3s.

for the few bucks more the 2500k costs, you dont need to buy a discrete
graphics card in several cases.
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# RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardJohn D 2011-01-31 15:26
Question? DG965RY Intel mobo, 450W PS, wanting to upgrade processor for w-7, to Quad-core, and jack the Ram to 12Gb. Gaming being the driving force. Was told that the mobo will only do 95 watt processor, and that Quads require 105W. Is that a power load, or is it generated heat? Cant afford to make a costly mistake, and it may be better to gt MOBO/CPU bundle. What say Ye?
p.s.: You sure that mbo can deliver HD graphics? 1080 or 720? If no video card needed, theen it would save 200USD
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# RE: RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardOlin Coles 2011-01-31 16:17
You'll need a 64-bit version of Windows 7 to get more than 4GB of RAM usable, and quite frankly 4GB is more than any game will ever use in the next year or so.

The DG965RY uses a socket LGA775 processor, and should fit any/all other same-socket CPUs. This new motherboard fits LGA1155 CPUs, and yes, it will display HD graphics at 1080/720p.
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# RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardJohn D 2011-01-31 20:00
Thanks for the reply, Perhaps, I was not clear on my inquiry. Is there any quad-core 775 socket processor that will run at 95W or less, as this appears to be the stated limit of DG965RY. I was told all QUAD core CPU run at 105W.
I am aware of the info you sent re:64bits OS, but am thinking the added RAM should allow for better performance. Took out the Creative cound card and got some boost in performance, and it cleared up the crashing, while giving me better snd quality on the in-board chip, but the video chips will not drive/show Everquest on my Samsung 120hrz monitor.
Thanks for the reply
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# RE: RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardOlin Coles 2011-01-31 20:23
Your power supply and motherboard should be fine, regardless of CPU power rating. The difference isn't enough to warrant a new PSU, and there's probably a BIOS update for your motherboard to ensure smooth stability.

If you're expecting better game performance by adding memory, you might want to do more research. Too much memory is actually a bad thing, since data must strobe through the entire series before reporting to the processor. So if your system only ever utilizes 2-3GB of RAM, then 4GB is fine. 12GB would just be a waste of money, and come with a latency penalty.
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# DH67BL Integrated GraphicsJeremy 2011-02-19 06:54

I recently purchased this MB, I know it was recalled, will get the new version after the OEM receives the new MB. However, at first I was having trouble starting the system up, so I booted it via safe mode. Disabling the integrated graphics card solved it and I can use my computer completely just as long as I don't enable the Graphics driver. Does anyone know what my problem could be?? Also is it possible for me to make changes to the display settings of said device without having it enabled? Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help out.
My system specs:

Intel Core i5-2500 3.3Ghz
Intel DH67BL Motherboard
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
500GB WD Caviar Blue HDD
Logysis 550W PSU (475W Truepower)
2 Antec Blue LED case fans
Cooler Master Elite 310 Case
Hooked up via HDMI to a 42" Philips LCD
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# MrPhizoR 2011-04-04 06:26
I have the same problem. I have an I7-2600 on the new BEARUP LAKE motherboard,(the new release, not the recall)

The PC works fine until you install the graphics driver. As soon as you install the graphics driver the PC will restart everytime you boot into windows?
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# RE: MrOlin Coles 2011-04-04 07:42
It definitely sounds software/driver related. I suggest that you uninstall all video drivers, restart, and install again using the manual driver install method.
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# RE: MrJeremy 2011-04-04 11:54
Yes this problem seems to be popping up more frequently. I tried upgrading my PSU like they told me over at Intel's slow paced chat support line.. to no avail. I tried what Olin Coles said, about 5 or more times, always get the same error (or blue screen) once the graphics driver is installed. Eventually I got fed up of it all, and got a cheap graphics card (Radeon HD 4850 for $80 @ amazon.) It's ok for gaming, but I'm literally using it instead of the integrated video as I game on console, not PC. Also for the RMA I just went with a Gigabyte P67, I kind of lost my faith in this motherboard due to lack of support/solutions.
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# Technical ManagerCharles 2011-04-06 13:20
I have had a system built for me in Dubai. Motherboard is DH67BL, 16GB RAM, 2x2TB HDD, 2GB ATI Radeon graphics card, GIGABYTE ODIN power supply. Problem is when system is switched on for about 2 hours and needed to re-start it will say " invalid partition or boot failure". But when left alone for about an hour, it works again. Is my HDD too big for the board or what is wrong? My processor is i7-2600.
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# RE: Technical ManagerJeremy 2011-04-06 13:52

Have you enabled UEFI boot in your BIOS? Most systems require this be enabled in order for you to be able to boot with a 2TB or higher HDD.

Let me know if his helps
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# Technical ManagerCharles 2011-04-06 16:51
Thank you very much Jeremy. When the UEFI was enabled, the system boots without a hitch. Problem is solved. Thanks.
Charles Ofosuhene, Accra-Ghana
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# RE: Technical ManagerJeremy 2011-04-06 18:32
You're welcome, I'm very glad to hear that your problem was solved, if anything else causes a problem please let me know.
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# RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardBret 2011-04-15 14:56
I am trying to find out if either the I-3 2100 or I-5 2500k would make a better back end linux media sever (Mythbox) for low power usage. It will have 2 tv cards SSHD
2TBb hard drives and will be running 24/7. I want to use the onboard graphics to do HD streaming to the front ends throughout the house.
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# RE: RE: Intel DH67BL H67-Express MotherboardOlin Coles 2011-04-15 14:59
It sounds like the Core i5-2500K would be a better fit based on these needs.
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# 3D Blu Ray VideoPierre 2011-07-26 04:31
I have a Blu Ray DVD player and I want to play 3D Blu Ray disk. Do I need a video card or can this motherboard drive a 3D Ready monitor supplied with glasses.
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# RE: 3D Blu Ray VideoDavid Ramsey 2011-07-26 07:03
You'll need a separate video card for 3D.
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# Resolution ProblemMindu 2011-07-26 23:13
Perfectly worked my LED monitor (Philips SyncMaster BX2031 support optimum resolution 1600*900) using onboard VGA without any problem. DVI to VGA converter used (MB Bios verion was BLH6710H.86A.0076). But i updated the bios to newest (BLH6710H.86A.0122). Then my monitor shows maximum resolution 1440*900 even i changed to the resolution 1600*900. I updated all drivers. But the problem is still there.
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# RE: Resolution Problempinobot 2011-08-17 23:39
Try hotplugging you monitor. While the pc and monitor are on remove the cable from your monitor to your pc, wait a moment, and the reattach. It will reinitialize.
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# home userChris 2011-08-28 01:29
I too am having system crashes with the DH67BL (2600k, 4g mem,Crucial c300 ssd, 2tb stockage drive). Typical use is internet intensive with for ex. emule,an hd video stream and an audio stream. For most streams to play smoothly I need to throttle emule (no prob there). The nasty part is that about every 8 hrs there's a system crash, sometimes with blue screen, usually without. The source seems to be due to the onboard graphics (drivers igfxpers.exe and igfxtray.exe). When I get a blue screen the message is always (paraphrasing, sorry : ) 'some processor timed out waiting for a signal from another processor'. All I can tell about the non blue screen crashes is that for some reason the graphics hardware and software somehow gets blocked up. Has anyone seen this? Also, how to know if i've got unrecalled i7 2600k and unrecalled DH67BL? Has anyone tried fixing this by installing a dedicated graphics card?
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# Blue Screen errorNawshad 2011-09-19 20:22
I have got a Desktop PC configured with MB - Intel DH67BL & Processor - i3 2100. The Monitor connected is 'SA300 Series 20 LED Monitor' which has a VGA port only. Since the MB has DVI and HDMI ports only, have used a DVI-VGA adaptor to connect to the MB. I'm now facing blue screen error, when connecting to chat using Yahoo Messenger video call. The issue occurs when receiving a connection also. Is this the problem of adapter that I'm using or any other issues. Please Help.
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# RE: Blue Screen errorDavid Ramsey 2011-09-19 21:17
Your problem is unrelated to the video adapter-- the software neither knows nor cares what your video output is. That said, I have no idea what the problem is.
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# blue screenAmir 2011-10-05 04:00
i have i7 processor with DH67BL mother board with win 7 64bit, i am using vmware in it. when i open vm blue screen come up. i am having this blue screen on other software too.
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# i72600k+D67BL3 bluescreen Freeze and unfreez automaticallysri 2011-10-24 20:57
my system with dh67bl and i72600k with transcend ram8GB(4+4) with Win7 32bit

frequently it hangs (freezs and unfreezes for 1/2minuts) some times blue screen with 2nd processory did not revceive etx...

this is the problem somewhat similary to th "home user - Chris"..

thanks for the reply
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# RE: i72600k+D67BL3 bluescreen Freeze and unfreez automaticallyOlin Coles 2011-10-24 21:01
You might consider running a stability test on your hard drive, but make sure to back up your important data first.
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# RE: i72600k+D67BL3 bluescreen Freeze and unfreez automaticallysri 2011-10-24 21:19
thnks for the spontaneaus and fast response..

you are definitely rocking....

thanks again...

soon post the info..

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# i72600k+D67BL3 bluescreen Freeze and unfreez automaticallysri 2011-10-25 23:59

the prblem i found was with the SMPS 450watts from bulger company make...

due to the problems i switched OS to winxp3-32bit from win7-32bit..

i faced the same problem and the frezzing of the system increase now and then and finally there was no power supply to the motherboard..

So i replaced with another intex make 450watts and now the system didnot face any hangs freezs and the bluescreens...

i will check again and post if i face prblms...

thanks for the valuable informations...

keepit up

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# USB problempreparat 2011-11-10 01:56
Hi.I have Intel DH67BL.Before some days I noticed collapse in my keyboard and midi controller.They are USB powered .My PSU is 400W Fortron.The problem occurs when my air conditioner works and in some state of work keyboard is out of use for 1-2 seconds, the light on it is blinking several times in this moment.There are some pops in the sound monitors and midi controller goes out of connection with Cubase.I try all electricity circles in my apartment and the situation stays same.When my air conditioner works ,pops in the sound, keyboard outs for seconds and midi controller out of use in Cubase and other VST instruments.When air conditioner does not work all is fine.Can you give me some solution of this situation.I can't stay without conditioner in cold days and I can't use PC properly. I forget to say that all my PC equipment are connected to UPS(PC, monitor, sound monitors and all connected to PC devices).
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# SATA port porblemKAKAR 2011-12-17 02:10
i m having trouble with my SATA ports firs they worked fine when all of the sudden two ports stopped working when i left the pc on overnight for torrent download now i have such a bad data transfer rate that the sound in video plays glichy ..and my processor get constantly used up to about 40-50 percent with nothing runnig (i5 2300 2.8 ghz) .... plz help
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# MY System specsKAKAR 2011-12-17 02:15
2300 i5 2.8 6mc cache
4gb corsair 1600 MHz ram
2 x 500 gb WD hdds green(one with 16 and one with 32 MB cache)
nvidia GTX 460 SC graphics card
Cooler master 759 gx power supply
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# alarm beeping after assembled systemNiroshan 2011-12-22 07:36
I assembled a system by my self with dh67bl mother board and after switching on the system it make an alarm just like beep I used 2 4gb 1333mHz Kingston ram an corei5 2500k processor
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# RE: alarm beeping after assembled systemMindu 2011-12-23 21:24
Double check the system.
1) Remove all the components and wires connected to the motherboard and remove it from casing.
2) Check the processor, memory and power contacts (motherboard socket also). Contact may closed with some stickers or it may damaged.
3) If no problem with contacts, connect only Memory,Processor and the power supply unit. Keep motherboard outside the casing (Be careful to avoid short circuit. Assemble on some thing like telephone dictionary) and connect mains and power on the motherboard.
4) If alarm continues, i think you should go for the claim warranty..
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# RE: alarm beeping after assembled systemNathan 2011-12-27 10:17
I had a DH67GD, and the product guide (downloadable from, search for 'dh67bl product guide') has the beep codes explained in Appendix A. I would guess that most likely BIOS is not able to detect/configure memory for some reason. Either one of the DIMMs is not making good contact, they are not compatible with the CPU (which would surprise me), or maybe they are not installed in the right slots. Make sure your DIMMs are in the blue slots!

Beyond that, I agree with Mindu's advice. Another option would be trying to reset BIOS to default settings (remove the CMOS battery for about 30 seconds) or attempting to update BIOS through the recovery method (see "Recovering the BIOS" in the product guide).
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# VGARAMJAN 2012-08-28 23:58
Report Comment
# PCI slotSTEVE 2012-11-05 22:28
Does anybody know if this motherboard would support a delta 10/10 sound card?
Report Comment
# PCI slotSTEVE 2012-11-05 22:30
Does anybody know if this motherboard will accept a delta 10/10 sound card?
Report Comment
# RAM UPGRADEMuthuKumar 2012-12-13 20:34
Can I upgrade my RAM to 32GB, with four of this 8GB module RAM
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# sayeedsayeed 2012-12-28 04:53
Hi, I purchase DH67BL board and installed windows 2008 server, now I am not able to install LAN Drivers... is this board compatible with Server edition?

Report Comment
# RE: sayeedDavid Ramsey 2012-12-28 06:15
Swayed, I don't know, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. I'd suggest you contact Microsoft Tech Support.
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