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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 04 December 2006
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Mushkin HP-580AP Modular 580W PSU
Features and Specifications
Packaging and Contents
Internal Components
Testing Methodology
Test Results

Internal Components

The internal view of the Mushkin HP-5880AP looks nothing like most other power supply units you might be used to seeing. The voltage regulator heatsinks are an improved design, and a pleasant departure from the sheared large-gauge aluminum you find in most other PSU's. Rather then use two separate 200V main power capacitors, Mushkin elected to use one 400V capacitor rated at 470uf. Overall, I did notice that Mushkin incorporated more electronic circuit board components in the design of the HP-580AP power supply unit then what is commonly used in other comparable power supplies. This design will most likely yield more stable power, however once you open the case to the Mushkin power supply (like I did for this review) your 5-year warranty becomes void.

Mushkin HP-580AP Internal View

The HP-580AP power supply is so efficient that Mushkin has designed the single 120mm cooling fan to concentrate its draft onto the most critical components so it may operate at a whisper quiet noise level. In the HP-580AP, a single brushless 120mm fan is used. This size of cooling fan is very popular for use in power supply units, and with a 0.38A rating, it could move high volumes of air if needed; but the Mushkin Enhanced Thermal & Acoustic Design components will likely never push it that far. In all of my tests, this unit never make more then a slightly audible sound.

Polished Finish - Enhanced Thermal & Acoustic Design

Mushkin did not utilize any rubber grommets at the mounting locations, which appears to becoming an emerging standard for high-end fans. The fan is not equipped with standard power connectors, but rather a proprietary connector which houses the two power wires.


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