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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 04 December 2006
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Mushkin HP-580AP Modular 580W PSU
Features and Specifications
Packaging and Contents
Internal Components
Testing Methodology
Test Results

Packaging & Contents

Packaging may very well influence a purchase, or possibly even draw your eye to the product initially. Of course, a special value should be placed on protective packaging beyond the average, and the HP-580AP is no exception. The cardboard package which Mushkin uses is ideal for retail shelves and warehouses, but it is not suitable for standalone shipping and should be packaged with protective surroundings for shipping. However, if you are like most people including myself, the packaging is quickly discarded once you have the unit installed and it has survived initial break-in and testing.

Mushkin HP-580AP Retail Packaging: Front

Included Components

(1) HP-580AP Power supply unit with 24-pin main connector with detachable 4-pin section, and a 12V 4-pin connector for single CPU systems
(1) User Manual in English
(1) Shielded and insulated AC power cord
(4) Mounting screws
(2) Colored Velcro cable bands

Mushkin HP-580AP Modular Connections

The modular cable groups includes:

(2) 4-Pin Molex peripheral and 4-Pin Floppy cable group
(2) 4-Pin Molex peripheral cable group
(2) 15-Pin SATA cable groups with four connectors per group
(2) 6-Pin PCI Express cables with EMI shielding

Even the Power Cord is Enhanced!

As evidenced in the contents for the HP-580AP, the floppy connector is a soon to be extinct feature in the power supply industry. There has been a slow trend to remove this connector completely, but I suspect it will be at least another year before we have seen the last of it. Until the BIOS can be upgraded from a USB flash drive, there will be a need for floppy drives.

In addition to the standard set of connectors, Mushkin includes a specialized grounding connector:

Combine 4-Pin Connectors for 8-Pin Compatibility
Braided, Shielded, and Protected PCI-E Cable

It certainly appears as though Mushkin has concentrated on presentation with the Enhanced series of power supply units. The standard device connectors come with nylon protective braided covers, and the PCI-E VGA cables come with EMI ferrite cores and see-through covers which reveal the braided shielding. In addition, the length of each cable is 550mm from power supply to connector. It may seem unreasonable, but it would be beneficial to cover the connectors with protective rubber caps to avoid accidental contact with components which could result in a fire or electrical shock. This additional safety feature is not included with the Mushkin HP-580AP power supply units, but it is recommended.


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