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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 12 October 2010
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ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision Set
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: ASUS VG236H
ASUS VG236H Detailed Features
Testing and Results
NVIDIA 3D-Vision Effects
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ASUS VG236H Detailed Features

Although the included ASUS VG236H monitor stand offers 4" height travel, +15° to -5° tilt, and 150° swivel adjustments, some users may want to mount this monitor onto a wall surface. The 23.6" widescreen profile can accept a standard VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting system if desired by removing the four screws that secure the stand. Additionally, a Kensington lock is available to keep the panel securely tethered to a desktop or wall mount.


Because this TFT active matrix LCD panel offers a noteworthy 400 nits brightness (400 cd/m2), watching movies at 1080p resolution is made enjoyable with the 23.6-inch horizontal viewing area. Video inputs include digital DVI-D, three-channel analog component video (YPbPr), and digital HDMI. Users may connect all three inputs, and select the source using on-screen display menu buttons located along the bezel.


The ASUS VG236H is a 120Hz LCD monitor that offers different refresh rates for analog and digital applications. The horizontal refresh rate is 24~140KHz (Digital) and 24~83KHz (Analog). Vertical refresh rates are 50~122Hz (Digital) and 50~85Hz (Analog). For best results, (dual-link DVI) digital connection is advised, and it's required for 3D applications. Please note: analog and digital refresh rates specified at the ASUS website are reversed.

On a related note, users should understand that the 120Hz refresh rate is only available via dual-link DVI connections, and not possible through HDMI. The highest refresh rate available using HDMI is 60Hz, which is not enough for 3D Vision functionality.


Each ASUS VG236H monitor is bundled with a NVIDIA 3D Vision gaming kit, complete with spare rubber nose pieces, travel pouch, cleaning cloth, and IR transmitter. The retail NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision home kit costs almost $200 online, which values the monitor at approximately $300. This costs significantly more than standard 60Hz widescreen 23.6" LCD monitors, but falls in-line with the limited number of 120Hz models available.


Unfortunately, ASUS does not sell a monitor-only version of the VG236H set (despite mention of model VG236 in the user manual), which means that only the most affluent enthusiasts will be capable of enjoying 3D Vision Surround. If you're interested in how 3D Vision and 3D Vision will effect your video game frame rate performance, continue reading to the next section...



# RE: ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision SetServando Silva 2010-10-11 21:11
3D Vision makes a huge impact on GPU performance. Even with GTX480 SLI, those gamess were not playable anymore. Needless to say 3D Surround got things worse.
Watching your results, I'd rather go for 2d Surround (3 monitors) instead of going for a single monitor with 3d support. I think the gaming experience gets deeper with 3 monitors than with 3d glasses, but again, that's just my thoughts.
Thanks for the article!
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# RE: RE: ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision SetOlin Coles 2010-10-11 21:13
Why wouldn't those games be playable? We tested with extreme settings to show the maximum impact, but even with those settings the games all played just fine.
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# RE: ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision SetServando Silva 2010-10-11 21:22
At 30 FPS? Ok, I know 30 FPS is the limit between playable and start getting some lag, but those are average results, right? How about minimum frame rates?
Also, those games aren't that demanding (AVP and Mafia II) compared to Crysis or Metro 2033. Have you tried 2D/3D surround with other games?
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# ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision SetDuracellmumus 2010-10-12 01:22
The monitor capable [email protected]*1920...that's fine.

This games are playable(+60Fps) when came out the next-next generation Card's.

30Fps is realy LOW, when U want to do some easy Head Shot:)
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# RE: ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision Setaberkae 2010-10-21 10:55
Does anyone know when the 27 inch asus 3d lcd will be out?
FYI sells the 23 inch asus 3d lcd with Nvidia's 3d kit for $450! (I love bargain shopping)
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# Still not worth playingentr0py 2010-11-02 14:46
Why exclusively test games with terrible to mediocre reviews? It's not like any of them even run on engines likely to be used in upcoming games that look any good.
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# RE: Still not worth playingOlin Coles 2010-11-02 14:52
You seem to be basing this on your own personal opinion, and not solid research or citation. I already know you're wrong about the game engines, because the Capcom MT engine (Lost Planet 2) is widely used in several games and the same is true for the Asura game engine in AvP. The game engine in Mafia II is brand new, so you can't go and say it won't be used again elsewhere.
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# RE: ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision SetReticuli 2012-09-18 22:49
They didn't need the HDMI input and when are you going to use the component inputs? No VGA input? Asus just told me to buy a VGA to DVI adapter. I'm pretty sure that's incorrect.
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