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Written by Joey Peng - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 09 September 2010
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TRENDnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps WiFi-N Router
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: TRENDnet Wireless N Router
TRENDnet TEW-691GR Detailed Features
Wireless N Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

450Mbps Wireless-N Final Thoughts

Wireless N is rapidly becoming a standard now and it really makes wireless speed comparable to wired speeds. Recently many new high-speed Wireless N routers have hit the market forcing prices down. It's interesting to note that the TRENDnet TEW-691GR has dropped in price significantly since its release, from $200+ to the current $154.95. The lack of additional features present in most high-end routers make the TRENDnet TEW-691GR seem over-priced for office environments. Internet through WAN can't take advantage of the insanely high wireless speed as few have internet speeds reaching 200Mbps. In the end the only advantage the TEW-691GR seems to have against competing 300Mbps-400Mbps wireless N routers is the extra bandwidth for LAN transfers.


TRENDnet TEW-691GR Conclusion

The TRENDnet TEW-691GR performs fairly well. Wireless speed is its primary advantage, capable of serving multiple users at high speeds. Built-in gigabit Ethernet ports ensure maximum wired speeds for LAN transfers and full utilization of whatever network package you have. The raw performance of the TRENDnet TEW-691GR is by far its biggest weapon and advantage against competitors.

The router looks fairly plain from far away, though the colors from the LED and ports make it look significantly more impressive. The visual design will fit nicely into office settings for businesses.

The TRENDnet TEW-691GR has an extremely solid construction. Buttons are firm and responsive, ports are tight. The high quality plastic enclosure ensures the safety of the hardware. Many routers suffer from cheap looking plastic but TRENDnet has successfully avoided that by paying close attention to details in color and design.

Unfortunately while everything the TRENDnet 450Mpbs Wireless N delivers is great, there's just not enough additional functionality. Many higher-end routers offer USB ports for storage or printer sharing, or advanced router configurations things like monitoring usage or QoS. The TRENDnet provides us with a router that shines so brightly in terms of capability, but for many the additional speed can easily be sacrificed for some additional networking features.

Value is hard to set for the TRENDnet TEW-691GR. At $154.95 the price is fairly representative of the fair market value, so any drop wouldn't make too much sense. Most routers around this price range offer additional networking features but all fall behind to TRENDnet's 450Mbps wireless speeds. The question to answer is whether having the highest wireless transmission speeds or having additional network options is more important to you.

It would've been better if TRENDnet included additional features for the TEW-691GR, even if it came at a slightly higher price. This would be justified as users have all the functionality they need. For now we'll have to settle that the current fastest Wireless N router is competing solely on speed.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval

+ WPS button and WAN switch
+ Clean Web Interface
+ 450Mbps Wireless N, fastest on the market
+ Gigabit LAN


- No dual-band support
- No USB port
- Limited advanced settings
- Expensive router with limited extra features


  • Performance: 9.50
  • Appearance: 8.50
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 8.25
  • Value: 7.25

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

Recommended: Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval.

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# Comparison?WhyNotV2 2010-09-09 03:11
This review couldn't have come at a better time as I look into upgrading my home network a bit. What it is lacking though, is a comparison to other Wireless N routers much like is done for CPU coolers, video cards, CPUs, etc.
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# RE: TRENDnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps WiFi-N RouterChad 2010-09-09 06:26
Why test internet speeds? I want to know if this thing can do 450 Mbps from my laptop to my computer.
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# RE: TRENDnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps WiFi-N RouterNokia 2010-09-09 08:23
In that price range there are better alternatives.
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# testnat eccs 2010-09-09 13:42
why test with a 150mbps adapter if the router supports 450

many schools/offices are using wireless on the LAN and it would of been nice to see the max speed you can get out of this device.
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# Should not do networking reviewsschoolgirl 2010-10-22 05:16
This review should not have been published. It's clear the reviewer is a novice - at the most - in terms of networking knowledge.

How large is the NAT table? Any issues with multiple PCs and wireless adapters on the network? How powerful is the router's CPU? Does it slow down, drop connections, lose stability once more PCs are connected? How good is the channel isolation in populated areas? Can it handle multiple Wireless N devices at varying speeds?

This is not a review, but more of a product endorsement, or feature recital.
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