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Lian Li PC-C36 MUSE HTPC case E-mail
Written by Icrontic   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Lian Li has been known for years as a designer of quality aluminum PC enclosures. Many an enthusiast has built a performance rig inside a Lian Li tower case. This summer, Lian Li released two new HTPC enclosures that follow the company's design principles of simplicity and efficiency. These offerings, the Lian Li PC-C36 MUSE and PC-C37 MUSE, offer similar layouts with slightly different feature sets.

Lian Li offered Icrontic the chance to review the PC-C36 MUSE, the more feature-rich of the two HTPC chassis offerings. The PC-C36 showcases a TFX form-factor power supply unit, as well as several options intended to allow a variety of hardware configurations to be installed in the case. We put the Lian Li PC-C36 to the test, both functionally and cosmetically. Icrontic

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