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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 17 July 2010
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ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink Preview
First Look: ProlimaTech Super Mega
Super Mega Awesome Features
Mounting Surface and Hardware

Super Mega Awesome Features

Since critical details are important, it's worth noting that the ProlimaTech Super Mega heatsink, as with the previously released Megahalems and Mega Shadow CPU coolers, utilize a two-part construction for each fin plate.


Each plate is joined together by inter-locking two 'halves', which use compression on the heat-pipe rod and a thin amount of lead-free solder to secure the fin in place.


Of the 180 fin parts (44 inner and outer pieces per side and two top plate halves), several copper plates are stacked along the outside edges. 32 of the 88 outer fin plates are copper, and combined with nickel plating they increase the weight from 790g on the Megahalems to 945.3 grams on the Super Mega.


Each outer fin plate has been shaped to accept a wire fan frame, so that up to two 120mm or 140mm fans may be attached. While the fins are no wider than a 120mm fan, the attachments will secure larger fans to the heatsink. The Super Mega does not include a cooling fan, however two sets of 120/240 fan wire clips are enclosed with the accessory kit.


In terms of physical heatsink differences, there have been only two: copper fin plates are positioned along the outside, and two polished nickel plates cover the top.



# RE: ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink Previewchris0101 2010-07-17 17:05
Olin, do you think that this is going to be any better than the previous Megahalem (ex: more than 1-2 degrees)?
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# Non-DisclosureOlin Coles 2010-07-17 20:05
Hello Chris:

I have already tested the Megahalems and Super Mega side by side, and now they've been sent to another reviewer for double-blind testing. Once we've completed all tests, we'll publish our results. We reserve our forecasts until all of the data comes in.
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# RE: ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink Previewhalfwaythere 2010-07-17 23:59
I'm not sure I get what you're saying: the copper fins are not actually copper? If so why the drastic weight increase. Looking at your pictures that looks very much like pure copper which is in fact a lot heavier than aluminium.

The part about the anodized aluminium is something you've heard from Prolima or just your assumption?
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# RE: RE: ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink PreviewOlin Coles 2010-07-18 07:36
The product package claims the fins are copper and aluminum. And I agree that it looks like copper in these images. However, when you hold the unit up close it appears more like colored anodized aluminum. I used a blade to scrape a small portion of the fin plate, and it was silver beneath the surface.

Since the unit is being re-tested by another staff writer, I will ask him to analyze the fins and give his opinion. If they're copper, I'll correct the description.
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# RE: ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink Previewhalfwaythere 2010-07-18 11:22

Look to me you're calling them liars. :)

The hefty weight difference between it and a regular Megahalems comes either from that stainless steel top plate or the copper fins. I'm more inclined to think the 32 copper fins are responsible for that.

Anyways testing will reveal if their claims are just that or this is a better product. For relevance's sake I think you should compare it to a product tested in the same session as it and not use previous results.
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# RE: RE: ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink PreviewOlin Coles 2010-07-18 14:15
Actually, I said the copper fins appeared to be anodized aluminum. I didn't say that they were not copper.

Additionally, I've completed all of my testing... as I've already stated in the post above your own. The cooler is being re-tested (as I also pointed out) by another reviewer to confirm my own results.

So you see, I didn't call them liars and we've gone to twice the amount of work you thought was appropriate.
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