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Written by Dan Ferguson   
Sunday, 11 July 2010
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Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Cooler Master HAF-X Computer Case Review

With Cooler Master's recent release of the HAF-X the anticipation culminating since CES 2010 can finally be relieved. This new edition to Cooler Master's "High Air Flow" series is a full tower case truly meant for enthusiasts. Heavy-weight systems packing huge power need a heavy-weight case with mammoth cooling performance. Model RC-942-KKN1 builds on successful features from the past while incorporating some new ideas. The case was designed to do two things extremely well, hold lots of high performance parts and keep them cool. Read on while Benchmark Reviews evaluates the HAF-X.

The HAF-X is the newest product in the HAF series. In 2009 Cooler Master released the HAF AMD and before that the HAF 932. This newest release is technically the HAF 942 but nicknamed HAF-X. As technologies mature their physical designs also morph. GPUs are getting more complex and require larger support boards as well as better cooling support. For example, due to the massive power output generated by Nvidia's GTX 400 series cards they recommend installing an additional fan to assist the integrated fans. In parallel with GPU expansion, SLI and Crossfire have matured to scale performance across more and more cards. The combined effect of these two developments has increased the physical footprint required to take advantage of the highest performance available. Thus motherboard and case designs must adapt to accommodate ever changing hardware.

Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Full Tower Case

So far what we've seen is a continuation of past trends. Motherboards have remained 2-dimensional expanding in both width and length. Cases have been expanding in all three directions to accommodate the motherboards and the multitude of support equipment (mainly cooling). Case designs remain extremely rugged while trying to make component installation easier; e.g removable panels, tool-less installation, cable-routing. These high performance cases also tend to include windows and hardware management features to wrangle a potential mess into something that can be put on display. Finally, IO panels have expanded to include more ports and features while retaining a small footprint. The HAF-X continues these themes with only slight variation.

Cooler Master HAF-X Features

  • SATA Dock for easy installation without the need of removing side panel
  • USB 3.0 on front I/O panel
  • Air duct to cool the latest graphic cards
  • Up to 1 x 230 mm red LED fan and 3 x 200 mm fans
  • 9 slots support triple VGA cards
  • Adjustable VGA card holder to support heavier GPU cards
  • Power supply partition to conceal cables
  • Advanced cable management with rubber grommets
  • Spacious interior for larger component parts
  • Rugged black coated interior

RC-942-KKN1 Specifications

Color Black
Material Steel + Plastic
Dimension (W / H / D) 230 x 550 x 590 mm / 9.1 x 21.7 x 23.2 inch
Weight Net Weight:14.35 kg / 31.6 lbs
Gross Weight:16.08 kg / 35.5 lbs
5.25" Drive Bay 6 (2 converted SATA HDD drive bay available)
3.5" Drive Bay 5 Hidden
SATA HDD Drive Bay / 2.5” Drive Bay 2 (converted from 5.25” drive bays)
I/O Panel USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 2
IEEE 1394a x 1
e-SATA x 1
Audio x 1
Mic x 1
Expansion Slots 9
Cooling System Front:230 x 30 mm red LED fan on/off x 1
Top:200 x 30mm fans x 2 (one optional)
Side:200 x 30mm fan x 1
Rear:140 x 25mm fan x 1
VGA Fan Duct:120 x 25 mm or 120 x 38 mm fan x 1(optional)
VGA Holder:80 x 15 mm fan x 1(optional)
Power Supply Bottom / Standard ATX PS2(optional)

About Cooler MasterCooler_Master_Logo_250px.png

Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved.

In pursuing this mission, Cooler Master is absolutely committed to delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers that they can truly depend on. It aims to be the first and foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking thermal solutions, and seeks to build such a reputation through outstanding technology, sophisticated design, and superior service.

Cooler Master's current business encompasses a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Its products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.



# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1David Ramsey 2010-07-11 17:24
It looks as if the video card cooling shroud could not be positioned in the case to cover the two cards shown in your sample looks as if it can only be moved along the height of the hard drive bays. Is this correct?
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Dan Ferguson 2010-07-15 17:34
That's about right. The cowling is mounted using two thumb-screws. There are four holes in the cowling which mean it can be installed (without modification) as shown in the review and about a half-inch higher. You could get the cowling to cover both cards by only using a single screw.
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# Differs From The 932?Anon Y. Mouse 2010-07-15 17:25
How does the HAF X differ from the HAF 932, which is what I have, if there is a big difference I may get this as a new case?
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# RE: Differs From The 932?David Ramsey 2010-07-15 18:42
You can read our HAF 932 review here:

The HAF X is a "higher end" case with better cooling, but the 932 is still a great case if you're not running dual GTX 480s...
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# RE: RE: Differs From The 932?Anon Y. Mouse 2010-07-15 20:04
I only have one Radeon HD4870 X2. I plan on getting rid of it eventually and getting two -- or more -- Radeon HD5970 to run in Crossfire. So, it looks like the HAF X will be my new case along with the Tron keyboard & mouse from Razer.
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# RE: RE: Differs From The 932?Anon Y. Mouses Number One Fan 2013-04-22 07:37
Why would he have needed to read a review for a case he already owned?
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# Best Value ChassisRobert Johnson 2010-07-15 22:22
One thing I don't understand in your review is that as a con you say it is really big and yet as a pro you say it fits XL-ATX and E-ATX. The chassis has to be large enough to fit 4 way SLI so you really can't make it smaller. I think you have contradicted yourself. As far as I am aware this is one of the cheapest 4 way SLI capable chassis's on the market.
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# RE: Best Value ChassisDan Ferguson 2010-07-16 07:12
Just as one example, check out this FAQ from EVGA, check out the case sizes and prices at NewEgg then come back and let me know what you think.

Just because a case needs to hold a large motherboard doesn't mean it HAS to be huge and heavy. It is custom to spec the case height based on mobo + PSU + cooling, then spec the depth based on mobo + graphics + drives. For the HAF X this means the entire front of the case is nothing but drive bays that I'll never in my life fill, even running 4 SLI. To me that's wasted space. Maybe case layout is constrained by some other factors, but I'd like to see some new designs that are more space efficient.

A few people may actually use every single slot, bay and peripheral. And that's fine, you can have a different opinion than me.
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Chris 2010-07-16 10:20
To be honest, I think that this case should be nominated for Benchmark Reviews Editors choice. The target market for this case is for people who enjoy buying big full tower cases. For them, this is an excellent case.

That said, your criticisms of heavy are true, although I suppose it could be addressed by making the case with aluminum. This isn't something to carry to LAN parties - its best left fixed in a stationary place. It's meant for power users who have a lot of HDDs, expansion cards, and well, stuff.

Dan, could you also clarify what you mean by cooling loss on the bottom? I'm thinking about getting this case, although I am going to wait until a "v2" comes out with 4 full USB 3.0 ports on front. Perhaps the side fan would be best served by being replaceable with 4x120mm as before ... or they could always sell an extra accessory.

Other than that, good review as always.
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Dan Ferguson 2010-07-16 11:10
That brings me back to my final thoughts. At what point will cases become too large and too heavy even for the hardcore users?! Since I'm not that hardcore I feel we are already crossing that line. It's good to have some voice their opinion that their line has not yet been crossed. In the end it will all play out in revenue numbers.

Regarding cooling loss, a good portion of the bottom of the case is grated. The PSU covers some of that area. The uncovered holes allows air from the front fan to escape out the bottom. It is most noticeable when the PSU cable partition and wheels are installed. Cool air going out the bottom is air that could have been routed across the motherboard.
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# RE: RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1David Ramsey 2010-07-16 11:25
Hah. The HAF-X probably feels like a piece of Styrofoam? next to the massiveness that is the Thermaltake Level 10.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1chris0101 2010-07-17 08:24
The problem with the Level 10 is that it is about $800 US - if they chopped the price by about 75%, perhaps we can consider it, but right now, it seems like a huge ripoff to me.

This case is a fair price for what you are getting. I suppose there may be one solution to the cooling loss - put a fan on the bottom, or the simply put a sheet of metal onto it. Either way, how severe should the cooling loss be? Hot air should be flowing upwards, not downwards anyways.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1David Ramsey 2010-07-17 15:33
The price of the Level 10 is not out of line considering its fabrication costs (it might be out of like for a computer case in general, though). There are a number of complaints I have about the case, though, mostly related to its rather marginal cooling ability.
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# Great Case!WW_Dagger 2010-07-16 17:47
@David Ramsey: That would be 31.6 pounds for the HAF X and 47.11 pounds for the Level 10. You R right about that. On the other hand to the others whining about the 31.6 pound HAF X being "too heavy" just couldn't think of anything significant to # about on this case.

I disagree with the "cooling loss" at the bottom of the case. I really don't think it has any significant detrimental effects with the stock fan setup the way it is. You can cover up the bottom grate, and I would bet hard cash that your temps wouldn't go down at all.

The only real negative the case has IMO as a HAF-X owner, is that it only came with ONE 2.5" SSD adapter. I had to buy 2 more so for my system consisting of a Crucial C300 SSD boot drive and 2 Seagate Momentus XT drives in RAID 0 for my programs. EZ 2 Fix
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1David Ramsey 2010-07-18 07:27
Dan, please check my message to you in the Contributing Editors forum...
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# complaintshurrrr 2010-07-24 11:36
I would have some other complaints about the case....

number one (hideously unattractive)....CM could learn something from Corsair on clean lines and use of metal (why is the front bezel on a $200 case plastic...c'mon)

number two ...... don't offer unobtainable fan sizes (230mm front)....or at least offer the option of a Blue LED version (for those that care about that)....

number three ..... case feels flimsy and light, compared to the 800d and Lian-Li offerings...and before anyone says it's cheaper....I got my 800d for $ I would gladly pay $30 more for the HAF x if it made use of more metal....and yes I do understand the issue of weight....but c'mon this is for a high end an extra pound or two going to kill someones back? (also the case has wheels)
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# RE: complaintschris0101 2010-07-25 10:46
Cooler Master will likely release a "blue" version like they did with the HAF 932 in a few months. Lets just hope that it is the same price as the red version (the blue 932 was $30 more - enough for a person to just give up and buy the red 932, and the blue fan, which were $15 + shipping, which meant that it was better to buy the red and just get the blue fan because you'd get an extra fan in case one ever broke).

I agree that it should be full metal. I think that we should all hold off, because we want something with 4 USB 3 ports in front (and until proper motherboard headers for USB3 come about). As said above, the other thing is that I hope for the side fan to be switchable with 4 x 120mm like on the HAF 932, which is really good for cooling the GPU. A final complaint would be if a person put a fan on the bottom - no dust filters where they're needed the most.
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Sam 2010-07-26 20:56
This computer is amazing, I have never owned anything as good as this computer. I save a ton of money too using Newegg coupons online!
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1dave 2010-08-21 19:16
Probably too late to ask a question since the review is a month old, but I really could use some guidance on this case vs. the ACTS 840. With this case, I'd add the extra 120mm fan (do you HAVE to used the cowling?) and maybe the second 200mm at the top. For the ACTS 840, I'd add two 120mm fans behind the HDD cage and a mid-high speed 120mm (or a 140 that fits in a 120 slot) on the bottom.

I know that the ACTS doesn't have HDD hot swap or USB 3.0 (not that there's a motherboard with the headers anyway & point less to go to the rear ports IMO. Just get a longer USB 3.0 cable). I just wonder about overall cooling - graphics cards AND CPU. Seems like the HAF-X just concentrates on the GPU(s).

Ideally CoolerMaster would release an updated ACTS 840, but not sure I can wait out for that.

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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2010-08-21 21:16
You really don't need to add any fans on top of what the HAF-X comes with. I'm running an overclocked i7-930 @4.1GHz on air, and a Zotac GTX480 AMP @800MHz-1010mem, & that card exhausts all the hot air inside the case, so I'm displacing 500+ watts of heat into my case, yet the hottest the inside of my case has ever gotten was +7c over ambient (using my motherboard's temp sensor) with the stock setup, both CPU and GPU running at 100% load at the same time (which never happens in regular use). As default, it has a slight positive pressure, which is perfect. If you added another exhaust fan it would create a negative pressure which you don't want. If you put the xtra fan on top blowing INTO the case, it seems to me you would just mess up the air flow pattern, and possibly create a looping vortex of air on top of the case.

As far as the ACTS, I have no idea. I just know the HAF-X is the best case I've ever seen out of many many cases.
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# haf-xAri 2010-08-22 04:53
my experience with the HF-x is quite the opposite..

I have gotten the highest temps of any case I have ever owned

have tried ever fan configuration you could imagine

HAF-X is NOT living up to the hype

the coolest running case I have ever had is still the Antec 900 (2 SE)

and the guy who says 7c above ambient has got to have a faulty sensor

unless his ambient temp is over 70c

only case i have had that was worse than the HAF-X was the Corsair 800D

Antec 900/1200 and Lian-Li pc80 are unbeatable for airflow

that has been my personal experience
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# RE: haf-xWW_Dagger 2010-08-22 14:34
@Ari - Solution: Plug in your fans
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# hahAri 2010-08-22 22:17
yeah real cute Mr. 7c above ambient temp. The point of having a case is to actually stick a computer in it. Try doing that and then tell us if it's still 7c above ambient in the case. *rollseyes*
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# RE: hahWW_Dagger 2010-08-23 01:09
@Ari -

Now just to further convince you, look at any HAF-X review online. Look at their temps. Here, I'll give you an example:

They got even lower temps than I have. You must be confused. You do know we are talking about air temp inside the case, not CPU temp, right?

Not sure how else to prove 2+2=4 to you. You can roll your eyes all you want, but you look pretty silly when your answer is 5.
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2010-08-23 01:07
@Ari -

Why is that so hard for you to believe? Try math: The HAF-X is 2.606 cubic feet of volume. The two intake fans are rated at 110/CFM each. That would give you a complete air change 84.45 times per minute. Of course unrestricted airflow of a fan (it's rated CFM) isn't what you see when it's in a chassis though. You have to consider resistance and pressure which makes the fan less efficient. Lets say it cuts it's efficiency in half which is a pretty acceptable efficiency average. That's still 42.23 times per minute. It's not called the "High Air Flow - X" for nothing you know.
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 02:22
and you look pretty silly trying to convince me that your mobo sensor is an accurate measure of temperature....

go buy a decent multimeter with a k-probe...and then take the temp in a critical area (like around your first PCIe slot) and then rethink your argument.

you are the one who started off here trying to be sarcastic....who are you trying to prove these temperatures to??

like I said follow some realitic testing methodology and stop believing what your mobo sensor and program that read it are telling you your mobo sensor with at least 3 different programs....and then tell me the variance between the readings you get

you don't win arguments with sarcasm....try facts
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 02:28
p.s. do you even understand CFM ratings? what distance was the displacement measured at? often CFM and dBA ratings are worthless...because there are no standards by which they are rated....

if a manufacture was using an ISO or ANSI standard to measure ok I would believe it....

but you have essentially just quoted specs. from things you read on the internet....yet have no validation or measurments of your own....other than your "mobo" sensor.....

that is pedestrian and anyone with testing experience knows it....

you have taken an arbitrary reading...from an arbitrary an arbitrary location....

then called it a ballpark fact

my GPU temps (measured on the back of the die with a fluke k-probe) in an Antec 900 were 48c.....the exact same GPU with the exact same measurement point and exact same hardware (load etc) in the HAF-x was 74c

welcome to science and personal experience
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 02:35

GPU temps were taken at idle with the exact same OC....

test sample was a gtx480

in case you want to do the research on your might find what I am saying to be 100% accurate

I ask that you actually do some testing on your own, with precision instruments....rather than make ballpark statements like

"the HAF-x is only 7c above ambient"

7c WHERE!!!! honestly it's you even know where you mobo sensor that you were "reading" is physically located?

I don't mean in general....I mean exactly where is it located....and is that location relevant to anything going on in the real world

*shakes head*

I am posting validated are basically pissing in the wind and hoping none blows back on you

sorry if you are mad about reality, but that is the reality of the HAF x
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# RE: RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2010-08-23 09:36
Well, I'm using THREE temp sensor probes actually, provided by one of the highest rated motherboards on the market, the Asus Rampage III Extreme. One is 3 inches above the top of the power supply, one is sitting right between the RAM and CPU, and the third is in the top left corner of the case. They all are within 2c of each other at any given time. You can't tell me they are wrong. Go read a review on the Rampage III. Testing shows them to be very accurate. I think that is proper enough probe placement.

Why are you measuring the backside of your GPU die? You are measuring your GPU temp when you do that, not air inside your case, duahhhh...
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 10:00
so it is obvious to me that you have a discrepency in your "test rigs"....which one tests at 7c above ambient...

and don't tell me the rampage 3 was used for both intel and AMD chips...we both know that doesn't work I said full of holes...

I also notice that you give the HAF-x an almost perfect score on your review...but don't mention ANY problems that other reviews have...

go read some other reviews on the HAF-x....I am inclined to believe that you are biased towards the product...

and NO sensor on ANY mobo is going to be as accurate as a k-probe at a specific location....also you claim in your review that you can't make "comparisons" to other products....well that is the basis of my original statement....I am comparing the HAF to the Antec 900 and the Lian-LI pc80...
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 10:01
your arguments hold no weight at are just full of hot air and snarky comments...and refuse to acknowledge any fact...also your "review" provides no videos no screenshots no pictures....just a graph...

done arguing with you over nothing....enjoy your HAF...I am getting rid of mine for a case that performs well
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Olin Coles 2010-08-23 10:04
Unless you add constructive commentary to the article, or have an otherwise on-topic discussion, your posts will be removed.
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# Guys, Guys....!!!BruceBruce 2010-08-23 10:00
Hey Guys,

This is your friendly online bartender reminding you of the rules in this establishment. Spirited debate is all well and good, but you two are making this personal. Not good...

Please turn down the volume, take it out to the parking lot, or say hello to the bouncer.

TIA. and yes, I DID delete your last post. It violated the TOS, and didn't really contribute much to the debate.
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 10:24
# haf-x ? Ari 2010-08-22 04:53
my experience with the HF-x is quite the opposite..

I have gotten the highest temps of any case I have ever owned

have tried ever fan configuration you could imagine

HAF-X is NOT living up to the hype

the coolest running case I have ever had is still the Antec 900 (2 SE)

and the guy who says 7c above ambient has got to have a faulty sensor

unless his ambient temp is over 70c

only case i have had that was worse than the HAF-X was the Corsair 800D

Antec 900/1200 and Lian-Li pc80 are unbeatable for airflow

that has been my personal experience

# RE: haf-x ? WW_Dagger 2010-08-22 14:34
@Ari - Solution: Plug in your fans

please not the origins of this debate...I posted an opinion..."dagger" finds the need to be rude...I am done arguing with him...I simply posted my opinions about the HAFx...thanks for the review
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# Inadequate NEtiquetteBruceBruce 2010-08-23 11:02
This is one of those times I wish the committee in charge of everything had agreed to adopt the universal internet sign for sarcasm. Perhaps you could have seen some humor here, instead of immediately taking offense.

" Sarcasm, Inc (based in Michigan, USA) has come up with an innovative emoticon (if there can be such a thing). It's the SarcMark, which is designed to let people know when you meant something to be sarcastic. This new form of punctuation is like an unfinished circle (or squiggle, if I'm being honest) with a dot in the middle, and can be easily downloaded for "just" $1.99. "
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# RE: Inadequate NEtiquetteAri 2010-08-23 12:06
I think if the other user had proven it to be sarcasm, by not continuing to throw mud at me...then it would have been appropriate....but it's clear that the other user is full of contempt for my opinions....possibly any that differ from his own?

It's somewhat evident in his reply's to his own "review"...which he linked in this thread...

It seems anyone that has a difference of opinion about the HAF-x is met with the same contempt as I was...

eh it hardly seems worth the effort...physically watching BOTH gtx480's run at 88c under 30-40 % load as I type this....*YIKES*
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2010-08-23 13:17
Ari- Why do you think I'm a reviewer? I'm no reviewer, just an end user. The link I posted was a random google search, not my review, I never said anything like that. I never said anything about AMD chips either, why are you making stuff up? It only discredits what you are arguing for.

Please, read the first 10, 20 or even 100 reviews of the HAF-X you find, & you will see they all rate it with a 90% or higher score, & all of them emphasize it's great, enthusiast level airflow & cooling ability. I'm sorry your HAF-X is somehow hotter than most CPUs reach, but it's more likely you are confusing Celsius and Fahrenheit. I'm sorry your GTX 480s run at 88c under only 30% load. Mine runs at 75c under 100% load (OCCT GPU)and idle at 36c. I'm also sorry for doubting your claims, when the 100+ HAF-X reviews online do that for me. But for some reason, I'm now doubting you even own a HAF-X.

It seems you have issues but I assure you it's not bec. of the HAF-X.
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 14:16
you just can't let it go can you....even after a warning from the mods here?? wow...unreal....doubt whatever you act like a child...honestly....let it go....if you doubt that I own a haf-x fine, honestly I don't know why I am indulging you and I don't know why you are spending the time to argue a totally false point and not address ANY of my valid points or tests....are you 16 or something? If so please stop wasting my time...LET IT GO!!! you are wrong...flat out...I am not going to be so juvenile to look for an excuse to list my system specs. as you have must be very proud indeed
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2010-08-23 13:37
Chassis: Cooler Master HAF-X Full Tower
CPU: Intel Core i7-930 ()
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
TIM: MASSCOOL G751 Shin-Etsu
Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Extreme
Power Supply: Corsair 1000HX
Memory: Mushkin Redline 6GB 998805 (6-8-6-24)
GPU: ZOTAC GTX 480 AMP! (800MHz Core, 1010MHz memory, no voltage changes)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
HD 1: Crucial RealSSD C300 6Gbps SSD 256GB (Boot, OS & Main App Drive)
HD 2&3: Seagate Momentus XT 500GB Solid State Hybrid (RAID 0)(Game and Programs Drive)
HD 4: Samsung EcoGreen 1TB (Media & Storage Drive)
Keyboard: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Headset: Creative Labs World of Warcraft Wireless Headset
Display: Samsung Syncmaster P2770H 27" Widescreen 2ms Mini-HDMI to HDMI
Mouse: Logitech G5 Gaming Laser Mouse
Battery Backup: Cyber Power Smart App Sinewave PP1500SWT2 1500VA / 1000Watts Pure Sinewave, Full AVR buck/boost
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# RE: RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1Ari 2010-08-23 14:20
BRAVO!!!! you even listed the TIM, the keyboard, the mouse and the headset....honestly this gives me a very good clue as to the type of person I am dealing with....hahahaha you even listed a have that all typed into a macro I bet, just waiting to fire it off...*sigh*
LET IT GO my friend...
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# Enough.Olin Coles 2010-08-23 14:36
@Ari and @WW_Dagger: you two are not allowed to post comments in this thread anymore, unless you want to be banned. You're welcome to post comments on the other articles here at Benchmark Reviews, but not here because we've already heard enough from the two of you regarding HAF-X. I'm not placing blame, I've just had enough.
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# The Best of All CasePorras de Rata 2010-11-04 12:55
Napakaganda, napakaconvenient ayusin and a lot of feautures that only in Cooler Master lang ang meron.... That problem is?????? It is too much expensive and not available in Manila Philippines.. Thanks
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# Air flow queryChrisH 2011-05-03 22:58
To those who have used this case with regards airflow. Dan and others, the positive pressure point is made and regarded. Interestingly, with the open space at the floor area it's great that positive pressure is still maintained. So I wonder if adding the second top fan (as an exhaust fan)requires the floor area openings to be covered?

I am interested in buying the case for its cooling (and functionality.)

As an aside, do you think airflow can be demonstrated with smoke / coloured smoke to depict currents and indicate pressure?

Is a second top fan really necessary with dual SLI and the usual enthusiast components. This has bearing on the cooler. For example I have no intention for water cooling. However, the large push pull coolers I think are often too heavy for the board even with a backplate. Bump into the case / drag a chair into it and the inital jarring has potential for damage especially since Intel recommend a maximum weight which the large coolers normally exceed. Olin's points in the thermal paste review ring in my ears. A tall coler may well be mitigated by the upwards airflow? Perhaps, if the maching is good I can run with a CM 212 hyper and no second top fan?

Anyone else's experiences with cooling well after the intial review? Thanks.
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# Haf X case OpinionCybertendo 2011-12-03 18:42
I picked this one up a couple months ago and although I haven't opened it up from the box yet. I think It's going to be a great case for for my dream gaming PC. I seen some review on youtube the guy putting his weight on it, he didn't stand on it or anything he just put all his into his arms and pressed on it from the top. It didn't warp or bend anything. If you want to know what review this was reply to this comment. Anyway It's ruggerd desingn looks great it's diffrant I recon it's unique. Hot swappable bays are great feature. So spear a thought for this case it's affordable, you get good features, and it can house the biggest graphics cards and it comes with a ton of useful accesories (i.e a graphics card holder/fan). The box looks nice as well!!!
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# RE: Cooler Master HAF-X Case RC-942-KKN1WW_Dagger 2011-12-03 23:46
Hmmmm... Cooler Master Haf-X still going strong a year and a half after release. Oh, what's this? "2011 Reader Choice Award: Best Chassis"... nice. What happened to Ari's prediction that this case would fail? LoL... pwned.
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# haf X case opinionCybertendo 2011-12-04 18:06
What's with Ari? This case is great! whats his problem?
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# 942 and H80ibrent 2012-12-29 02:24
I'm wondering if this case and the H80i Corsair are compatible, the Corsair requiring 120mm fan mount.
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# 680 buildZero23 2013-04-21 18:40
I got a dual GTX 680 build in the works and i was wondering if the large size of this case is really necessary ?
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# Case SuggesstionPushkar 2013-09-23 09:18
I am going to run single GTX 560Ti.
Will i go with this or mid tower of CM HAF ?
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