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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Sunday, 11 July 2010
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Zalman ZM-NC2500 PLUS Notebook Cooler
Closer Look: Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus
Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Notebook Cooler Final Thoughts

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Notebook Cooler has a very elegant design although I think Zalman may have done better to make the top glossy rather than the bottom as you are more likely to see the top than you are the bottom. With that said the ZM-NC2500 Plus has its own unique design and air intake method which still works quite well. The 2.5" SATA bay is an added bonus and is nothing to be shrugged at as you are essentially getting two products for the price of one. It was rather disappointing that there was no massive difference in performance between the high and low fan speeds and it would be nice to see if a more powerful fan would perform better or not.


Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Conclusion

In this section I am going to write a brief five point summary on the following categories; Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality and Value. These views are my own and help me to give the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus a rating out of 10. A high score does not necessarily mean that it is better than a different notebook cooler reviewed by another writer here at Benchmark Reviews, that may have got a lower score, it is however a good indicator of whether the product is good or not. I would strongly urge you to read the entire review if you have not already, so that you can make an educated decision for yourself.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus notebook cooler performed reasonably well although I expected just that bit more. Perhaps Zalman could use some more powerful fans as these fans were still very quiet on their full speed. Zalman may have concentrated too much on the silent aspect of this cooler, I am more than happy to make a compromise on noise if it means better performance.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus notebook cooler has a very retro futuristic design when you look at the side and the back but when you look from above it is rather plain, this could be averted by making the top glossy rather than the bottom.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus notebook is very light but extremely well constructed, I expected it to be quite flimsy but was rather impressed by the build quality.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus notebook cooler serves more than it's primary function which is to cool, it also houses a 2.5" SATA 1/ SATA 2 HDD Hot-Swap bay (running on the USB 2.0 hub) that saves the need to buy an external HDD enclosure that could possibly cost the same as the cooler itself. The ZM-NC2500Plus is compatible with laptops up to 17" widescreen.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus is not currently available to buy at the moment, the MSRP is $69.99, this represents very good value thanks to the added HDD Hot-Swap bay built in that essentially gives you two products for the price of one.

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus notebook cooler was able to produce some good results and has a very nice and unique design. It is very light and has the added bonus of a built in 2.5" SATA HDD bay that will save the need to have another external enclosure or dock for adding storage to your laptop. Overall I am impressed with the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus and would recommend anyone looking to buy a notebook cooler to take all of the features into consideration.

Pros:Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award

+ Unique design
+ Cools well
+ Quiet operation
+ 2.5" Hot-Swap SATA bay
+ Very light weight
+ Powered by USB ports
+ Good value for money
+ Good strong construction


- Cooling not evenly distributed


  • Performance: 8.00
  • Appearance: 8.50
  • Construction: 9.25
  • Functionality: 9.25
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 8.80 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.

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