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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 12 July 2010
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NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video Card
Features and Specifications
NVIDIA GF104 GPU Fermi Architecture
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Video Card
GeForce GTX-460 Partner Products
Video Card Testing Methodology
DX10: 3DMark Vantage
DX10: Crysis Warhead
DX10: Far Cry 2
DX10: Resident Evil 5
DX11: Aliens vs Predator
DX11: Battlefield Bad Company 2
DX11: BattleForge
DX11: Metro 2033
DX11: Unigine Heaven 2.1
NVIDIA APEX PhysX Enhancements
NVIDIA 3D-Vision Effects
GeForce GTX460 Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
GeForce GTX 460 Overclocking
Editor's Opinion: NVIDIA Fermi
GeForce GTX 460 Conclusion

Editor's Opinion: NVIDIA Fermi

My opinion of NVIDIA's Fermi architecture has changed over the past several months, as they've developed their graphics processor to fully embody the originally unclear long-term plan. Testing with NVIDIA's GF100 GPU held its own set of challenges, and many times the video cards based on this graphics processor seemed condemned by the inherited legacy of problems. From the flagship GeForce GTX 480 down to the GTX 465, Fermi impressed gamers with strong FPS performance... and that was about it. Thermal output and power consumption were unfashionably high, to which ATI constantly and consistently focused their marketing attacks. Then along comes GF104 on the GeForce GTX 460.

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460 not only changes the collective opinion of their Fermi architecture, it also changes the GPU landscape. ATI held the upper hand by releasing a DirectX-11 video card first, but they've painted themselves into a corner with their Evergreen GPU. Unlike NVIDIA's Fermi architecture, which can shape-shift as desired, ATI's Cedar, Redwood, and Juniper GPUs are all simply slices of the same processor: Cypress. This is where intelligent consumers will spot the flaw: ATI came to the (video) card game and showed their entire hand from the first deal, while NVIDIA had a few spare aces up their sleeves. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 is only 15/16 of the complete GF100 package, and we're just beginning to see what's possible with a 7/8-whole GF104 GPU. It's unknown what NVIDIA has planned for the GF102, GF106, and GF108... although the speculation is rampant.

So now ATI and NVIDIA are even-Steven in the running for DirectX-11, and all that they need are video games to increase demand for their product. This becomes a real problem (for them both) because very few existing games demand any more graphical processing power than games demanded back in 2006. Video cards have certainly gotten bigger and faster, but video games has lacked fresh development. DirectX-10 helped the industry, but every step forward received two steps back because of the dislike for Microsoft's Windows Vista O/S. Introduced with Windows 7 (and also available for Windows Vista with an update), enthusiasts now have DirectX-11 detail and special effects in their video games.


NVIDIA GeForce Fermi Graphics Card Family

Even if you're only after raw gaming performance and have no real-world interest in CUDA, there's reason to appreciate the GF100 GPU. New enhancement products, such as the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit, double the demands on frame rate output and hence require more powerful graphics processing. This is where products like the GeForce GTX470 and GTX480 deliver the performance necessary to enjoy the extended gaming experience. I'm a huge fan of GeForce 3D-Vision, which is why it's earned our Editor's Choice Award, and Fermi delivers the power necessary to drive up to three monitors. The newly dubbed NVIDIA 3D-Vision Surround (stereo) requires three 3D-Vision capable LCD, projector, or DLP devices and offers bezel correction support. Alternatively, NVIDIA Surround (non-stereo) supports mixed displays with common resolution/timing.

Even some older game titles benefit by the Fermi architecture, beyond just an increase in frame rates. For example, Far Cry 2 will receive 32x CSAA functionality native to the game, but future NVIDIA Forceware driver updates could also further add new features into existing co-developed video games. Additionally, NVIDIA NEXUS technology brings CPU and GPU code development together in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for a shared process timeline. NEXUS also introduces the first hardware-based shader debugger. NVIDIA's GF100 is the first GPU to ever offer full C++ support, the programming language of choice among game developers.

Fermi is also the first GPU to support Error Correcting Code (ECC) based protection of data in memory. ECC was requested by GPU computing users to enhance data integrity in high performance computing environments. ECC is a highly desired feature in areas such as medical imaging and large-scale cluster computing. Naturally occurring radiation can cause a bit stored in memory to be altered, resulting in a soft error. ECC technology detects and corrects single-bit soft errors before they affect the system. Fermi's register files, shared memories, L1 caches, L2 cache, and DRAM memory are ECC protected, making it not only the most powerful GPU for HPC applications, but also the most reliable. In addition, Fermi supports industry standards for checking of data during transmission from chip to chip. All NVIDIA GPUs include support for the PCI Express standard for CRC check with retry at the data link layer. Fermi also supports the similar GDDR5 standard for CRC check with retry (aka "EDC") during transmission of data across the memory bus.

The true potential of NVIDIA's Fermi architecture has still yet to be seen. Sure, we've already poked around at the inner workings for our NVIDIA GF100 GPU Fermi Graphics Architecture article, but there's so much more that goes untested. Well into 2010, only a beta version of the [email protected] client is available. The difference between work unit performance on the GeForce GTX 400-series is going to surpass ATI's Radeon HD 5000 series equivalents without much struggle, but it's uncertain how much better the performance will be compared to the previous-generations.



# sliFederico La Morgia 2010-07-11 20:44
benchmark with sli ?
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# RE: sliOlin Coles 2010-07-11 20:47
Sorry, but there were no SLI tests completed at the time of launch. NVIDIA sent us the 1GB and 768MB versions, and SLI requires identical memory configurations.

We expect to have SLI results within the next few days.
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# no ATI 5870?amdfreak 2010-07-16 06:39
why wouldn't the ATI 5870 be used in the testing? Nvidia wouldn't allow it? both top products would make better comparison?
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# RE: no ATI 5870?Olin Coles 2010-07-16 07:15
The 5870 is a $420 video card, and the GTX 460 is half its price... they don't compete in the same market segment at all. If this were an SLI review it would make sense, but it was a single card. The Radeon 5850 was compared, which is a $290 product.
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# RE: RE: no ATI 5870?John Darcy 2010-07-16 09:30
the gtx460 looked attractive to me, an owner of 2 asus 5870s v1 and v 2, each in different build- for now. I was really miffed at the enormous costs of the cards and how they are deliberately held back to run as such low speed and it is so difficult to undo that artificially low 'idle' speed. I paid $400 for these cards that are at 157/300 when my third card is the 4870 and it is at600/900 at idle and can be reduced easy or clocked and when new cost less than half.runs at similar temps. (of course, there are other differences.)
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardLeon Lionheart 2010-07-11 22:41
Why is it I smell nVidia bias in this review? The other results I've seen don't lean near as much to the 460..
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# RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardOlin Coles 2010-07-11 22:48
If you make a claim that discredits someone's work, you should back it up with credible examples. I'd like to know what review HAS NOT said the GTX 460 is better than the Radeon 5830? When a product has proven itself to be better than the competition, it's not called biased... it's called succeeding.
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# RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardLeon Lionheart 2010-07-11 22:53
Ok then, lets think about how nVidia PR likes to skew things (look at the Dirt 2 demo) and assume that they went through and cherry-picked the best for reviews.

As for the bias statement, there blatent bashes at ATi about how a OVERCLOCKED card manages to beat a more expensive one at stock. That seems like the old "Apples to Oranges" test methology there.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardOlin Coles 2010-07-11 22:57
So what you're saying is that all of the reviews across the web received cherry-picked samples? Possible, but highly unlikely. I'm still waiting for you to point at a review that says the 5830 beats the GTX 460. As for my statement about the overclocked $200 GTX 460 matching a stock $400 Radeon 5870, I think you need to ask yourself which one a cash-poor gamer would rather spend money on. You're also missing the point: a $200 video card just attained the level of a $400 video card... for FREE.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardLeon Lionheart 2010-07-11 23:02
And where does that same $400 card compare when you overclock it? Slap that 5830 back in there, OC it to the point where it will go no higher and run the tests again.

And yes, nVidia has that habit. How many of their other retail cards performed the EXACT same as the review cards? I also never claimed to know a review where somebody said the 5830 was better, but that could also be noted as there being so few reviews out ATM. Only time will tell, so quit using the time advantage. I've always found the OverclockersClub reviews to be high quality, and after seeing this hodge-podge of results I'm believing it more.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardOlin Coles 2010-07-11 23:09
You're crazy to think that gamers wouldn't rather spend $200 and overclock their GTX 460, than to spend twice that amount on one low-headroom Radeon 5870. The GTX 460 overclocks by 30%, and the Radeon 5870 is 10% at best (we've already tested overclocked versions in other articles). Even still: get two GTX 460's for the same amount as one 5870, overclock and add them together in SLI... which do you think wins by a landslide?
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardLeon Lionheart 2010-07-11 23:28
The people that decided to get not energy hogs? The people that plan on getting a 5830 because of its Eyefinity feature? Features help sell cards, and anybody wanting a multi-monitor solution is going to go ATi.

Love how you quote the 5830's power consumption but don't bother putting it on the chart. According to what IS on there, the 460 pulls more energy then the 5850 so how is that a win?

I give up though, because there are always those people that are bull-headed and see no other way besides their own.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video Cardmetalisticpain 2010-07-11 23:54
I am with Olin on this one. They have a pretty decent disclaimer in this conclusion for 1.

I myself am not strapped for cash and I dont know/cant be bothered how to overclock properly, so I am still going to purchase a 5870.

But Leon, you never did say what other reviews showed different results? What other results have you seen that say otherwise??
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardLeon Lionheart 2010-07-12 00:07
Currently Tomshardware shows that the 5830 wins on somethings but loses on others (not by a huge margin mind you). Still waiting on Overclockersclub to get a review published...
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardOlin Coles 2010-07-12 09:05
These results really speak for themselves, and I'm confident that other websites will come to the same conclusion in their review of the GeForce GTX 460. My test results may not agree with your opinion, but it shouldn't provoke you to claim bias.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardYodamanjaro 2010-07-14 11:33
I believe the results here are good enough to point out that anyone in their right mind would buy a 460 if they are tight on cash instead of a 5870 (or a 5830 in this case).

Also, I think if you are tech-savvy enough to install a video card (which doesn't take much brain power up there people), you should be able to download the driver, or pop in the CD (that it comes with, mind you) and move a lever over a bit to a bit under what Olin found, and you should be okay (as long as the case has sufficient air-flow so it doesn't overheat).

To justify the O.C. card vs a stock card, I would say this: if they were even CLOSE in price, it would matter, and I would cry foul. But the FACT that the 460 is so much CHEAPER, it would definitely matter to someone who is low on cash, but wants a good upgrade.

Feelings aside from this, I just bought a 480, and I'm curious how two 460s would do in SLI vs my MSI 480 (even if the 460s would be O.C.'d).
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardDavid Ramsey 2010-07-12 02:58
"Features help sell cards, and anybody wanting a multi-monitor solution is going to go ATi."

Fine. What if the features I want are CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision? And you can get triple-monitor support (with bezel correction) on a two-460 SLI system for less than a single 5870.

Opinions are great, but at the end of the day, empiricism rules. Olin's ran the tests. You haven't. If you think his methodology flawed, please explain why; if you think his results incorrect, point to supporting data.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardJustin Park 2010-07-22 21:06
I'm actually debating whether to buy a new graphic card...
My current one is HD4850, and I wonder if I would see any noticeable difference in performance when playing high-end games such as Crysis and BF:BC2.
Would it be worth the money?
And also I'm impressed by the GTX460, at least I think it's making up for its brothers GTX470 and GTX480 when they didn't quite live up to peoples' expectations.
So what would be the best bang-for-buck card out there right now?
And I don't know why you say that the HD5870 has little headroom for OC.
I helped a friend OC it and it went pretty far and seemed to do well.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardOlin Coles 2010-07-23 07:16
@Justin: I actually tested a Radeon HD 4870, which is faster than the HD 4850, in both Crysis and BF:BC2. The results are right there in the article, so have a look. The GeForce GTX 460 clearly offers the best bang for buck, as illustrated by the price-per-frame comparison. You did read this article, right?
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# whatever..Klyster 2010-07-12 01:50
I've been a dedicated reader of this site for a couple of years now, I like the impartial reviews and also the links to off-site reviews.
As for cherry picking, I have been looking for reviews to the contrary, but in all honesty, pretty much everyone is saying the same things, Anand and Toms included. Testing methodology may differ a little but the conclusions are roughly the same.
Leon is just #-stirring and Michael must be a little delicate.
This may be my next card and I can afford better, but I won't spend ridiculous amounts of money on a graphics card anymore and it's nearly time to update my trust 260.

Good review Olin, thanks.
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# RE: whatever..Olin Coles 2010-07-13 08:08
Thank you for the feedback Klyster. If you're running a GTX 260, then the GTX 460 is an ideal upgrade. The 1GB version does slightly better than the 768MB edition, so it's a matter of how easily you can save another $20.
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# RE: whatever..Adam 2010-07-14 09:16
I'm in the same boat as you, got a GTX260 that I've had for nearly 2 years now and have been starting to look into an upgrade.
Was previously interested in the 5850 but considering it's relatively high price and the rate that it'll be outdated, the 460 is looking a much better bet.
Respectable results, low temps, quiet cooling and a very reasonable price seems to make this one a winner. Shame that it's still suffering from high energy consumption but considering the other bonuses I'll personally overlook that.
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# HumanJohn Darcy 2010-07-12 02:59
I built myself 3 amd/ati machines. (2- 965BE OCd 3.8. 1090T @ 3.9) I have 4870 in one 965 and 5870s in the other 2. I was sweating to get the money for the 5870s and am not able to clock the 5870s much at all.
I enjoyed the article on the $200 460gtx mostly because of the possibilities the Fermi now offers. I would like to expand my hardware use beyond only one focus. I was originally put off by nvdia's super high price point for its stuff but this new high functioning low price point clockable unit provides me room for renewed intrest in this solid product. It was an excellent article for me only a bit confused by the 8.75 performance rating after all the raves about its great performance -even if some was potential-
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# RE: HumanOlin Coles 2010-07-12 08:53
Our staff recently discussed ratings, and I'm doing my best to keep the Performance rating in perspective of the entire market and not just the price point. As I warn, the ratings are subjective.
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# John Darcy 2010-07-12 09:29
It is a noble thing to attempt impartiality or objectivity in ratings, however, personal bias will always creep in. To keep totally objective might be boring in this type of review anyway. Double blind eval systems were developed to eliminate personal bias.
I liked the way the review came out and/or how this particular product did because my bias had been toward ATI products only because it was the only one i had ever used. I kept getting it because I knew how it worked, like it or not. I never liked the software. Until recently, it was always messing up on me for unknown reasons. I still dont like some things about it , which is why I had interest in these Femi reviews.
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# It's a biased marketOlin Coles 2010-07-12 11:15
If only the average reader understood just how many factors there are creating bias in the computer hardware industry. Video cards, for example, depend entirely on driver support for their performance. Have you ever wondered why the NVIDIA ForceWare download is 125MB? It?s because of the embedded profiles to optimize their product for each and every video game (along with a PhysX installer). Both ATI and NVIDIA do it, although one more than the other, and without these tailored profiles VGA performance drops flat.

Since its unreasonable (and not realistically possible) to grade these products solely on their hardware performance without driver optimizations, we are constantly chasing the latest driver to keep up-to-date. The real shame here is that some drivers see a 25% improvement with a game a month after launch, and it renders our rating obsolete.
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# RE: It's a biased marketJohn Darcy 2010-07-12 16:25
I am a neophyte in computer terms. I am stuck with some of the built in profiles mandated by ati in order that the new gpu be 'energy efficient' new 5870 series. but it is built on software that forces my super fast gpu to run at a constant 157/300 speed though i bought it because it was fast.. but it is kept slow so it will stay cool. It caused all kinds of 2 monitor issues with screen tearing and jumping since it wasnt running anywhere near its potential and wouldnt throttle back up fast enough and a dumb newcomer like me has no idea how to fix it. I paid $400 for a gpu which is slower running than my 4670 because software makes it like that and it is far too complicated for me to undo it except keep a photoshop app always on to draw resources.
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# Try ATI OverdriveBruceBruce 2010-07-12 19:17
When I use ATI Overdrive (in Catalyst Control Center) to manually set the GPU and memory clocks, it bumps up the minimum GPU clock settings to ~500 MHz, and keeps it there. Most people complain about the loss of energy savings caused by this behavior, but it probably suits your situation.

You don't need to overclock the GPU to use CCC; I use it because I NEED TO KNOW what the clocks are set for. Sometimes I have to underclock a card for testing purposes.
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# RE: Try ATI OverdriveJohn Darcy 2010-07-13 06:41
I stopped using overdrive after I got the 5870 and replaced it with the riva tuner and msi afterburner. It is possible it has been fixed and works better now. I cant make afterburner's profiles have any 2d/3d effect. I can control fan speed. I tried to rewrite the xml for profiles and that did no good after 10.3b. I will try this though,
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardServando Silva 2010-07-12 12:37
The results are OK and they all confirm the same situations in other tech-sites. Also, if somehow the GPU is cherry-picked, that could mean that it overclocks a little bit better than a retail, but it doesn't means it performs better than any other retail sample at the same clocks. SO, the results are not biased in this way.
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# Mr.Mete Can Karahasan 2010-08-06 23:31
First of all, I will frankly say that I am an avid follower of benchmarkreviews. One reason I can point out is back in last year, the Asus hd5770 vt edition review having a quote from asus engineers that they could overclock the card up until 1063mhz, so this website is full of useful information in my terms(thanks editors!).
Back to the topic: I feel the cherry picked demonstration cards issue is real considering newegg user feedbacks of a "specific" gtx460 distributer reproaching of the card not having vrm heatsinks such as some reviews stated(occ maybe?) and overclocking potential being limited as fan noise is notably higher also.
One other issue is in my opinion, power consumption under overclocking. Donanimhaber did just that and the results were interesting: gtx460 overclocked consumed just 10 watts less than an hd5970, for a mainstream card in a possibly midtower case that is a concern.
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# Mr.Mete Can Karahasan 2010-08-07 00:02
Let me correct myself: not occ, but legionhardware, tweaktown, hardwareheaven, guru3d and techspot afaik are all victims to the sample cards which their retail counterparts are lacking their vrm heatsinks and gpu heatpipes.
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# Mr.Mete Can Karahasan 2010-08-07 00:41
I also would like to ask if the price performance ratios are correct. I double checked, the average fps of hd5770 in your tests is 25.32 and that results in 5.92$ per fps for hd5770.
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# RE: Mr.Olin Coles 2010-08-07 05:08
I take the average cost per frame in each test, and then average the sum of their total; I don't take the average frame rate of all tests.

Also, most readers don't understand that NVIDIA designs the card with several different cooling options. It's up to the AIC partners to choose which solution they prefer based on price and purpose.

I'm only a day away from publishing my review of the ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP-2DI-1GD5, which is identical to the retail version at NewEgg. The temperatures and power consumption validate my previous 'reference design' tests, and the performance is, well, you'll see.
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# AwardsEric 2010-07-13 01:21
This card has already won atleast 9 awards.

You can find most via OverclockersClub, the rest google will help you with.
I'd link them but I've written a lot in the links and it's in Swedish so it's sort of pointless here.
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# Here's an SLI reviewDon 2010-07-14 17:12
Completely unbiased SLI review

Results speak for themselves
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# RE: Here's an SLI reviewDean Hanson 2010-07-14 17:39
Good find! Two GTX460's in SLI beat one Radeon 5870 for the same amount of money. It could be nothing, but they did get eight different GTX 460's from NVIDIA and its partners according to another website, which could indicate some degree of favoritism.
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# Favoritism...???BruceBruce 2010-07-14 18:22
What, you think they pinch the cards they don't like, and make 'em cry right before the talent section of the contest?

Results speak for themselves...they are inanimate machines that get measured in a controlled environment.
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# PLUS...Don 2010-07-14 19:53
Don't forget, this is an SLI test with the 768MB version, imagine the 1GB version in SLI?

The 1GB version will have even better results - can't wait 'till those start trickling in.

Found one:
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# one questionFederico La Morgia 2010-08-07 06:05
what is written on the RAM chips?
Report Comment
# Samsung GDDR5BruceBruce 2010-08-07 08:39
Samsung K4G10325FE-HC05
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# ASUS ENGTX460 1GB [DirectCU] TOP/2DI/1GD5nVidia gamer 2010-08-19 14:49
when will ASUS ENGTX460 1GB [DirectCU] TOP/2DI/1GD5 become available in europe?
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# 460 GTXSuhaib 2010-09-04 11:24
I've got myself a PC setup with Gigabyte's 460 GTX. OC'd to 715 core clock speed, the PC runs most games smoothly.
Battlefield Bad company 2 however, does not.
I happen to have a 2.80ghz core 2 duo(ancient, I want to know if it affects card performance) and 4gb of ram, but max settings on 1280x1024 resolution and 4x anti-aliasing give me poor fps, around a humble 20-40.
Need your replies as soon as possible.
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# RE: 460 GTXOlin Coles 2010-09-04 11:45
I just played a round online using the 1GB GeForce GTX 460 with settings at 4x AA and shadows off. There were no problems with performance at all, and this was at 1920x1200. Your processor is more than enough for the game; especially at that low resultion. I suggest that you look at some of the other possible issues: driver (each new version updates game profiles), and game cache.
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# RE: RE: 460 GTXSuhaib 2010-09-04 21:36
I see. I'm glad its not my setup then. thanks.
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# RE: RE: RE: 460 GTXSuhaib 2010-09-05 20:29
I can't find any reason why its doing this, heat levels are normal, my PC's harddisk is very fast in reading and writing files. I turned off everything in the control panel and made it so its application-controlled.
problem still persists :(
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# Which is better?BlackIce 2010-11-30 13:46
Will he buy one of these two plates, which they believe that it is better?

PCI-Express 16x MSI R5770 Hawk 1G D5 VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP (ATI)

PCI-Express 16x MSI N460GTX Twin Frozr II 768M V/2xD/mH (NVidia)

Please I need help since I am not very understood of plates and me gustaria to buy the best of the two
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# 2nd VoteBruceBruce 2010-11-30 17:05
I agree with David. Buy the GTX 460.
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video CardDavid Ramsey 2010-11-30 14:30
Buy the MSI N460GTX Twin Frozr II 768M.
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# 224 shaders?raymond 2010-12-24 14:53
it has 336 doesnt it?
Report Comment
# RE: 224 shaders?Olin Coles 2010-12-24 16:20
That's correct: the GTX 460 has 336 CUDA cores, and the GTX 460 SE has 288. Until you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed that GPU-Z incorrectly listed the shader core count... probably because this series wasn't supported at the time.

All of the data and charts are correct, but the GPU-Z image is displays inaccurate specifications.
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# @olinraymond 2010-12-25 01:37
No lm affraid that's correct.
The gf-104 only activates 224 shaders unit and only activats the rest "when needed".
I have both the asus engtx 465 and 460 dirct CU and one thing I'd noticed that games on the 465 are looking much better,like in the new need for speed hot pursiut,the road looks much more sharper on the 465 while in the 460 it looks kinda blend.
I think that the 460 gets good frame rate by downgrading the "far away" graphic and both are 1 gig 256 .
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460 1GB Video Cardraymond 2010-12-26 18:57
I've played also mafia 2 on both cards(465 &460 both 1 GB) on very high settings including physix set to high and AAx4 on 1920x1080 and the 460 just couldn't handle it while the 465 ran smoothly.
Spec:i3 530 2.93Ghz,4gb,500HD seagate barracuda(if I recall right).
Except low temps(23 idle,48 at load)I wasn't impressed at all with the 460,the 465 performs way better and all those reviews that favor the 460 over the 465 are just missleading the readers to think the 460 is betterr while its the opposite!
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# Good price for performanceDanny 2011-01-30 04:16
I donĀ“t care for brands, I have changed between Intel and AMD a few times because of the price and done the same with graphic cards. I have a 32 inch HD ready which I watch approximately 2 meters away so really gigantic resolutions are pretty useless to me in my HTPC. For instance the Palit GTX 460 is the fastest card I ever seen with just 19 cm length and in my HTPC I have just 22,5 cm space to work with which would leave the HD 5770 and the GTX 460 as the only viable options. I have considered the HD 5830 but it is just way too big. I currently have an Athlon II 630 processor so I am the last person you would call biased.
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