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Written by Servando Silva   
Thursday, 03 June 2010
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Thermaltake Element-Q VL52021N2U mITX HTPC Case
Closer Look: Element Q Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Element Q Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Element Q Installation Details
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Detailed Interior Features

To install the second drive, you'll need to add some brackets included in the accessories bag. They are 100% necessary for the side-drive installation and there's only a pair included, so, don't lose them.



After that, we just slide the drive into the metallic rails and added a pair of screws on the upper side and we're done. The drive HDD should look like the photo above. Please notice the drive connectors should be oriented to the front part of the chassis.


Next step is the optical drive. Just remove the front cover and slide the drive through the hole until it aligns with your chassis, then add some screws. Avoid using white/gray drives because there isn't a mechanism to cover them at the front.


Now it's time to install the motherboard. If you don't remove the PSU, motherboard installation will be almost impossible. Just align it and put the 4 screws and you're done. Notice the PSU rail won`t interfere with the PCI card.


If you really need adding an expansion card you'll love this last picture. For my HTPC, I want the best audio available at the moment, but with half-height expansion slots you become pretty restricted. I've installed my Sound-Blaster Titanium card just to show you it will fit without any problems. There is much more space still, so don't worry if you want to add a mid-end GPU. It will fit as long as comes equipped with a single-slot cooler.



# Tier 2 Tech Support TechnicianJohn Andersen 2012-06-10 10:57
Hi all,

I love this HTPC Chassis. I also have the Thermaltake Level 10GT witch I also love.

I promise you if you buy the chassis, you are not going to be dissapointed.

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