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Written by Joey Peng   
Friday, 30 April 2010
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SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Surface Mouse Pad
SteelSeries 4HD Features and Specifications
SteelSeries 4HD Details and Features
SteelSeries 4HD Testing and Results
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SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Mouse Pad

As the PC gaming market expands, peripherals are becoming an essential part of any gamers' inventory all around the world. The most typical among all gear: the mice. For those slightly more serious, a good gaming surface is the best upgrade for any mice. Benchmark Reviews takes a look at the SteelSeries 4HD hard surface gaming mat to see how well it performs when used with gaming mice.


On first look the SteelSeries 4HD mouse pad is fairly representative of a "normal" mouse pad. The HD series gaming surface includes the 4HD and the 9HD, the only difference being size. The HD series uses hard plastic as the surface material along with heat treatment to achieve a semi-rough surface. The resulting surface has numerous "micro-lumps" that act as tracking points, allowing sensors to accurately map location and movement. Theoretically this mouse pad should enhance tracking ability for all mice. How well the SteelSeries 4HD fairs in real life is still to be seen.

About SteelSeries, Denmark

SteelSeries may be new to some people since it's a Europe-based company. Their size and product line is comparable to Razer. SteelSeries prides in high quality products.
What originally began as a small two-person operation in Copenhagen back in 2001 has become a global leader in professional gaming products. SteelSeries recognized the need for superior, high-quality professional gaming gear that would give players a competitive edge.
Fast-forward to today, and they've come a long way since their first glass mousepad. They have global offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, providing an integrated portfolio of products designed specifically for gaming.
SteelSeries does not claim to invent or reinvent the gaming industry. Nor do they focus on one specific product, copy other companies or follow the crowd. SteelSeries lets the community decide whether or not they are worthy. Their goal is to make the best products possible and give gamers that competitive edge. SteelSeries does their best to support the growth of the professional gaming industry and give back to the gaming communities.



# RE: SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Surface Mouse Padfi3ndi5h 2010-04-30 04:03
While I don't see replacement of my Func 1030 Archetype any time in the foreseeable future, this does look to be a less expensive alternative. I absolutely agree with the importance of a good mouse surface and would encourage anyone still using their 8x8 compusa pad to look at this. It's a small investment with big results. cheers.
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