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Written by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 06 May 2010
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12GB Crucial DDR3 Memory Kit CT3KIT51264BA1339
Closer Look: Crucial 12GB DDR3 Kit
DDR3 Series Results
RAM Testing Methodology
System Benchmark Tests
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Triple-Channel DDR3 Final Thoughts
12GB Crucial DDR3 Kit Conclusion

12GB Crucial DDR3 Memory Kit Review

It's always better to have and not need, than to need and not have. This Golden Rule applies to computer system memory as much as the other aspects in life, and having more RAM than your PC needs can only help matters. Multimedia editors require large amounts of memory to keep their encoding tasks moving at top-speed, otherwise the PC's much slower storage drive is called into play. Crucial offers the power-user a guaranteed boost to system performance, with their triple-channel 12GB DDR3 memory kit. The Crucial CT3KIT51264BA1339 UDIMM kit consists of three 4GB DDR3 modules rated for 1333MHz CL9-9-9-25-1 each. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the high-density RAM kit against memory big and small, fast and slow.

System memory, or RAM as it's better known, is a tricky topic of discussion for PC hardware enthusiasts. The marketing propaganda has done an excellent job of spreading misinformation to would-be consumers, and tech websites are often over-the-top with their approach towards explaining the obvious. There are also the many questions that get asked: how much memory is best? high speed or low latency? dual- or triple-channel? Considering the situation, you can't blame anyone for asking because the truth takes some work to find... or test and discover for yourself.

In our previous tests with triple-channel DDR3 RAM kits, Benchmark Reviews discovered that system memory has very little impact on video game performance, and that high-speed low-latency RAM delivers only a small improvement over low-speed high-latency kits... at least in regard to real-world performance. Sure, the benchmarks all favor high clock speeds or low timings, or both; but when it came time to actually use the computer and run the programs, the differences weren't so apparent.


64-Bit Operating Systems allow PCs to utilize more than 4GB of system memory, which is great news for multimedia professionals who need the extra RAM. Intel's X58-Express platform delivers triple-channel DDR3 performance, giving PC hardware enthusiasts and power-users the opportunity to choose between 3, 6, or 12GB system memory kits. In this article, Benchmark Reviews compares 12GB DDR3 memory kits against various 6GB versions. The 12GB Crucial 1333MHz CL9-9-9-25-1 DDR3 Memory Kit CT3KIT51264BA1339 will be at the center of our attention as we discover exactly where that extra RAM is most helpful on our six-core Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 'super-computer'.

Adding more memory to your computer system is one of the easiest ways to improve performance, but adding high-speed memory is also an excellent way to reach that impossible overclock. By allowing the system more headroom to move with the changing interface or bus speeds, high-speed memory can keep up with the overclocked CPU. Video game enthusiasts also stand to gain added performance, since levels and maps will load faster and graphics frame rates will improve.

Microsoft Windows PCs often suffer from memory starvation. It's true. System memory is one of the most over-looked hardware components in computer systems. Making matter worst, when it comes to 32-bit Operating Systems such as Windows XP or Vista, no more than 4GB of memory can be mapped and utilized. However, the introduction of Microsoft Windows 7 has brought 64-bit computing to the mainstream, and now only the physical limitations of the motherboard can restrict the user-mode virtual address space. So with applications demanding greater memory overhead, once again it has better to utilize as much memory as can be installed into the system.

About Crucial Technology

Crucial is a key brand in the Lexar Media family of products. As the Memory Experts, we're the only DRAM supplier that's part of a major memory manufacturer.cruciallogo.jpg

A wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc., Lexar Media, Inc. boasts one of the most comprehensive offerings of memory product lines in the industry. We deliver high-quality, award-winning products in every memory category: USB flash drives, all popular form factors of memory cards and card readers, DRAM computer memory for PCs and Mac systems, and solid state drives (SSD). We back our products with outstanding customer support and industry-leading warranties, and we strive to expand our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers - customers just like you.

The Lexar brand has long been synonymous with reliable, high-performance products, which is reflected in the award-winning memory products and USB flash drives sold under the Lexar name.

Our Crucial brand reflects our status as the only consumer memory upgrade supplier that's part of a major DRAM manufacturer. We sell high-quality memory that has been qualified and approved by most major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The website features innovative online tools and an intuitive design that makes it easy to find compatible memory and recommended upgrades. And because we carry over 250,000 upgrades for more than 40,000 systems, we've got options for nearly every system out there.

Lexar Media has more than 10 years experience in the memory industry. Our strong retail brands, along with our direct online and OEM presence, make Lexar Media a global player in every major customer channel, including value-added resellers, system builders, and e-commerce. And we've built a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer service.

About Micron Technology

Micron is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Micron's DRAM and Flash components are used in today's most advanced computing, networking, and communications products, including computers, workstations, servers, cell phones, wireless devices, digital cameras, and gaming systems.


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