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Written by Dan Ferguson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
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MSI WindBox 6667BB-004US Barebones-PC Kit
MSI WindBOX Features
Closer Look: MSI Wind Box
MSI 6667BB-004US Detailed Features
Wind Box Software Installation
Motherboard Testing Methodology
PCMark Vantage Benchmarks
EVEREST CPU Benchmarks
Passmark Performance Test
CINEBENCH Test Results
MSI Wind Box Power Consumption
MSI Wind Box User Experience
MSI 6667BB-004US Gaming Performance
MSI Wind Box Final Thoughts
MSI 6667BB-004US Conclusion

MSI 6667BB-004US WindBOX Review

Not every computer needs to have a four billion hertz processor and the world's best video card. Just like power tools, some jobs require raw power while other jobs require more finesse. When the job at hand involves video, web applications, light gaming or light office work it doesn't make sense to use a supercomputer or even a high-performance machine. This idea has become mainstream through the recent marketing of netbooks (internet notebooks) and video sharing devices, but even those platforms do not suit all light application needs. In this article Benchmark Reviews will test a nettop (internet desktop) from MSI; Wind Box model 6667BB-004US. This barebones PC kit is like an older, more capable sibling to the netbook. But how does it measure up against other alternatives?

Since nettops are only recently becoming mainstream, how can they be an older sibling? The concept of lean computing has been known to the industrial world for decades. For a corporation it is often more cost effective to have very powerful central computers do the bulk of the work and to use thin client computers as simple interfaces. Thin clients often do little more then act as a front end or a terminal, sometimes offering simple local applications like a web browser. This idea is now being brought into homes where multiple computing tasks are desired. This could be PC's for the kids, a media and internet interface for the TV, or to fit budget, space and power constraints.

MSI 6667BB-004US Barebones-PC Kit

Given the diversity of available nettop platforms, just about anyone can find a good use for one of these machines. But as today's performance PC becomes the 'last' generation, and prices drop, would it be better to just use an older platform to obtain the same results? An analysis of MSI's 6667BB-994US nettop will help answer that question.

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