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Written by Dan Ferguson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
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MSI WindBox 6667BB-004US Barebones-PC Kit
MSI WindBOX Features
Closer Look: MSI Wind Box
MSI 6667BB-004US Detailed Features
Wind Box Software Installation
Motherboard Testing Methodology
PCMark Vantage Benchmarks
EVEREST CPU Benchmarks
Passmark Performance Test
CINEBENCH Test Results
MSI Wind Box Power Consumption
MSI Wind Box User Experience
MSI 6667BB-004US Gaming Performance
MSI Wind Box Final Thoughts
MSI 6667BB-004US Conclusion

MSI Wind Box Power Consumption

For decades past, energy usage has only been concerning to those who run a tight budget and resource conservationists. But times are quickly coming where individuals will be required to account for the Watts they consume. Don't expect that the computing or working demands will diminish in the future, they will likely be increased. For these and many other reasons it will become increasingly enticing to be more efficient at accomplishing the same or more work.

The MSI 6667BB-004US was designed to squeeze as many cycles and work out of every Watt consumed without spending any unnecessary energy. The chart below shows energy usage in Watts for the entire platform.

MSI 6667BB-004US Barebones-PC Kit

The MSI Wind Box scored between twenty and fifty percent of the performance of the desktop, but it did so using 30% of the power. This accomplishes two things. First, average energy consumption for all tasks is reduced by two-thirds. Second, by using less power to accomplish the same tasks the nettop platform operates at higher efficiency. This drives down manufacturing costs which results in a leaner chain of manufacturing and consumption. These kinds of solutions are needed to maintain the same expectations in quality of life while reducing the impact felt by future generations.


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