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Written by Joey Peng - Edited by Olin Coles   
Monday, 19 April 2010
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SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries Kinzu Features and Specifications
SteelSeries Kinzu: Closer Look
SteelSeries Kinzu Detailed Features
SteelSeries Kinzu Software Details
SteelSeries Kinzu Testing and Results
SteelSeries Kinzu Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: SteelSeries Kinzu

The SteelSeries Kinzu comes in an recyclable environment friendly cardboard box. Design is fairly good for a thirty dollar mouse. However, first impressions of the Kinzu through the see-through plastic wasn't all that great. It was a little plain and just didn't seem capable of anything outstanding.


The contents of the SteelSeries Kinzu is exactly what anyone purchasing it would expect: Mouse and Manual. There was no expectation to find any secret compartments that contained additional goodies, which is how SteelSeries manages to sell the Kinzu at such a low price.


The instruction manual explains basic mouse usage and features. The Kinzu has the capability to store three different profiles, default settings can be adjusted by downloading and installing the configurator from the SteelSeries website. Press and hold the auxiliary button to toggle between three profiles, and click to toggle between two CPI settings for each profile. This is essentially the on-the-fly adjustment feature for the mouse.


The back of the box lists the features and instructions for the Kinzu. Note that SteelSeries points out on their website that DPI is not the correct term for measuring sensitivity and they prefer to use the abbreviation CPI. A more neutral stand is to think of DPI as natively how small a movement can be detected by the laser/optical sensors, thus triggering a signal to move the mouse (Razer's definition for their "true" DPI specifications), and CPI for each inch of movement how many times to tell the OS to move the mouse. These two abbreviations are used interchangeably and for many products that leads to slight ambiguity. For most users DPI/CPI corresponds to sensitivity settings for the mouse, with a higher number simply meaning a pixel of movement on the screen for a shorter movement range.

SteelSeries should consider printing the explanation of using CPI on the box in future products to eliminate confusion since unfortunately the majority of other companies use DPI as their form of measurement, not always correctly too. SteelSeries is not incorrect in their interpretation of CPI, except their interpretation seems to lead to possible inflation of the number since algorithms can be applied to increase sensitivity without the sensor actually being able to pick up smaller increments of moving.


Generally speaking, all basic functionality we expect in a gaming mouse is present in SteelSeries Kinzu. Programmable buttons are not included with the Kinzu as it's a value mouse. Next Benchmark Reviews will take a look at the details of the mouse itself.



# Kinzu SteelSeriesEric M 2010-04-19 08:20
I've never had so many problems with a mouse as I did with my Kinzu. Never again will I buy a SteelSeries device as their customer support might as well be non existent.

From the time I bought the mouse on NewEgg I had issues, if I ever barely lifted the mouse I would have to remove and reconnect the USB to the keyboard. Everything else about the mouse was great, yes it looks plain but I prefer function over aesthetics. Now only if I could get the SS Kinzu to function properly.
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# KinzuDin Moderen 2010-04-20 01:32
Eric, did you update the firmware? That solved all problems (their support answered this almost instantly for me).
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# SteelseriesArild 2010-04-20 13:13
All my steelseries products have died or started to fail in such a way that it was no longer useful for the purpose i bought it for, playing ql in online competitions. This is however only limited to the 6G and 7G keyboard and 3 different Ikari opticals, which was a shame, best grip I ever had on a mouse. They have good products, but all of which I tried started failing after a week to max a month. Never buying a steelseries product again until they can show they are using better parts that yields a longer life-time for their products.
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# RE: SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Gaming Mousecody 2010-12-14 09:26
I agree. Steel series products tend to fall apart quite quickly. Thankfully my Xai is getting replaced for free.

I recommend the G5. can never go wrong with it.
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# Steelseries Kinzu Optical Gaming MouseMushy 2011-02-09 05:08
Had my SS Kinzu along with other SS equipment for well over a year now, I use them all for CS:S gaming, never once has any of the equipment failed on me, I find them to be relly reliable pieces of equipment.
I suspect faults with them are of your own or of your system, they are perfect in my eyes.
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# Kinzu controll madnessrich 2011-04-27 14:33
this mouse worked very well in FPS games np at all was solid and fast . but for a online rpg the precision needed to click hotbar icons it was Bad no matter how i set it useing there divers it still wasn't up to the job to fast or to slow. and the middel mouse started having click troubles after only a month on ventrilo . i removed it and reconnected my toshiba x20 it's a bit bulky and im not a fan of the slick pastic on it . but far as precision clicks it blows the kinzu outta the water and does my FPS games jest fine . sorry steelseries but your mouse about drove me nuts on my rpg trying to get it under controll were done .if for FPS games only it's fine .
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# *facepalm*Wes 2011-10-11 08:21
You shouldn't be clicking your skills in RPGs, keybind them.
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# Workin bad since installedDejan 2011-10-09 23:28
This mouse made me crazy. Bought to replace old MS mouse and this randomly one click transforming to double click. I've tried ALL, just did 30 min test in control panel in order to define is this is problem in double click speed settings and this is for sure randomly.
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# Felt quite contentSun Down 2011-10-16 20:31
It feels great, though the shape of the chassis is a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for a slightly more claw-friendly shape for my thumb, ring and pinky fingers. The build quality feels great overall. The minimalistic design attracted me to it. It screams functionality over design, and for my part it sure did. The tactile response of the Kinzu is just perfect, unlike the extremely sensitive DeathAdder. The cord felt a little bit too stiff, but it's tolerable. For the price offered, it's an awesome mouse. A great all-rounder which I definitely recommend.
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# bad qualityDan 2012-01-06 20:23
Same problem as Dejan, double click instead of simple click randomly and release of dragging randomly. I'm taking a lot of poison in Skyrim when i'm just managing my chests. Don't try to manage your banking account with this mouse. And this is already an exchange by the store and the problems are back.
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# Left and right problem?Theo 2012-03-16 11:53
Hi! i have the kinzu and a have this problem....
My left click is right and right is left i have tried to change it in sttings it fixed it for internet but not in games... i cant fix it in the game. I tried with another mouse its the same problem. Ihad this problem befor on my laptop but is disapered after 2 months and its verry anoying... PLEASE help me whit this!!
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# Left right reverseDishi 2013-04-28 20:15
For the left and right reverse, you know kinzu has three mode, so press and hold the Sensitivity button and release it, do this until you get your desire sensitivity and correct right left button, does anyone know how to solve single click transform into double click??
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# Mouse DoubleClick Solveddota 2013-08-15 21:54
know how to solve single click transform into double click??
1. open control panel ==> mouse
2. change mouse double-click speed to fastest..
3. done.
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