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Written by Servando Silva   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010
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Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme GM-M8000X Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme
Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme Software Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme

Once we open the package we can find some interesting stuff inside. Apart from the typical manual and CD drivers, the GM-M8000X includes 4 weights and a feet-set in case yours get too wasted. This is something gamers will appreciate since that kind of accessories aren´t easy to find for retail, and so it´s more probable to end up buying a new mouse than getting a new foot set. The USB cord is sleeved from head to tail and this makes cable-routing easier while adding a nice appearance.


On the left-side of the mouse, we find 2 buttons which can be assigned for different functions, even most commonly they are used to forward or backward. We also find 4 red LEDs which show the DPI grade you´ve set in your Gaming Mouse. They show 4 different states, so let´s say you assign 400,1600,3000,6000 DPI. From low to high, you will know in which state you´re just by looking at the LEDs turned on. Remember that comfortable pads at the sides of the mouse? They really are very cool but also get wasted with time. Finally, who saw the Ghost logo below the DPI LEDs?


The right side is not as fun as the left one. We have a button which changes profiles every time you press it. The upper side of the mouse carries the Ghost Logo (which will change its color along with the profiles), the DPI button which lets you do changes on-the-fly, and the mouse scroll.


Watching the mouse upside-down you can see the feet which let it move smoothly on your mouse pad. At the center, the pro-laser 6000 DPI sensor and finally, by removing a little tap you can add the included weights in different combinations to achieve your desired configuration.


As you can see, the new GM-M8000X looks more aggressive in black color, and the LED logo has been changed to "Ghost". Other than that, the changes are all internal (hardware/software). Let´s see if the new mouse can give us some advantage over the "old-but-trusty" model which has been phased out.


Left: Gigabyte GM-M8000X | Right: Gigabyte GM-M8000



# Finally !SiliconDoc 2010-04-02 22:50
Thanks for noting under cons "no left hand version available".
Good job, it's about time 10% + of the gaming population got a break.
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# RE: Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme GM-M8000X Gaming MouseDan 2010-09-20 19:34
I wanted to get this mouse, but it seems that a lot of NewEgg customers had problems with mouse. Perhaps they had a bad shipment or simply bad quality control on Gigabyte's side but had to opt out of buying one since Newegg was the only reasonable (price and reputation) retailer. Unfortunate since this is a really beautiful mouse.
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# RE: Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme GM-M8000X Gaming MouseHider141 2011-09-26 01:06
Thanks for this great review. Now I'm convinced this is the perfect mouse for me.
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# RE: Gigabyte Ghost Xtreme GM-M8000X Gaming Mousemarian 2012-10-21 06:58
6000dpi all the time so +++ no overkill at all
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