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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010
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CyberPower UPS Battery Backup for PCs
CyberPower Intelligent LCD Features
CyberPower CP850AVRLCD 450W UPS
CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 600W UPS
CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 900W UPS
UPS Power Testing
Battery Backup Test Results
CyberPower Intelligent UPS Conclusion

UPS Power Testing

The central purpose of any battery backup UPS unit is to provide uninterrupted power to electrical equipment when the primary AC power has failed. Simple enough in theory, which ultimately means that battery backup tests will be straight-forward. What our UPS tests will demonstrate is how long the connected devices can survive after a power failure, and what CyberPower Systems UPS devices can offer above and beyond competing battery backup solutions.CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD Front

UPS Test Methodology

Each UPS battery backup devices was purchased or received directly from the manufacturer within thirty-days of testing for this article. None of these devices offer a visible date of battery manufacture, so it not possible to estimate how long a unit may have been stored prior to shipment.

Battery life benchmark tests were conducted using different devices with measured output demands. In all of our tests the UPS received a full 24-hour period or longer to charge the battery with no device connected. All of the hardware test devices were fully operational and working prior to the start of each test for a period of several minutes. To begin each test, the UPS was disconnected from the power receptacle and the timer was started.

For PC tests, the computer system was booted into DOS mode and MemTest 86+ was run for the duration. The on-battery lifetime was recorded from the moment the UPS system was removed from the AC power source, until the moment the devices fully depleted the battery and the system shut off.

UPS Battery Backup Devices

For this article Benchmark Reviews compared the following UPS devices in our battery backup tests (listed alphabetically):

  • APC BR1500LCD 1500VA 865W UPS - $187.89
  • CyberPower CP825AVRLCD 825VA 450W LCD UPS - $99.99
  • CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 1000VA 600W LCD UPS - $119.99
  • CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 1500VA 900W LCD UPS - $179.99
  • Powercom BNT-1500AP Black Knight Pro 1500VA 900W UPS - $124.99
  • Tripp Lite OMNIVS1500 1500VA 940W UPS - $167.99
  • Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA 900W LCD UPS - $212.95

Home Theater System (510W - Extreme Load)

  • Sony PlayStation-3 Game Console/Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Yamaha RX-V565 7.1-Channel Audio/Video Receiver
  • Dish Network DuoDVD ViP-722 HD Digital Video Recorder
  • Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control

High-Performance PC (360W - Heavy Load)

Workstation PC (200W - Medium Load)

Waveform Power Output Notice

Utility companies provide AC power that has a true sine wave. Many UPS manufacturers acknowledge that most consumer electronics do not require a true sine wave signal to function properly, so they have engineered UPS systems which produce a simulated sine wave. Simulated sine wave systems use less expensive technology to produce battery power, and are very common in entry/mid-level UPS systems. UPS manufacturers have different types of simulated sine wave (Modified, Quasi, Stepped, PWM, etc.) but the basic characteristics of the power produced are similar.

For those applications that require true sine wave power, UPS systems are also available with the true sine wave output, also known as Pure Sine wave. These UPS systems are designed for electronics which have PFC power supplies, small AC motors, or require true sine wave power to function properly.

As a side note, the issue of simulated sine wave versus sine wave is only an issue when the UPS is "On-Battery", or, providing power to the equipment via its internal batteries. When the UPS is using normal utility power, the UPS will be passing the utility generated true sine wave power to the connected equipment. View the CyberPower Pure Sine Wave UPS Series.


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